Monday, 3 July 2017

OPAM finishes for June

Seems having the flu for two weeks equals lots of finishes!  I count EIGHT finishes for June OPAM...a record this year for me!

ONE teacup.....

FOUR  Petal Pouches...
 ONE Sew Project Pouch...

ONE Simple Joys Wall Hanging...

and ONE Itty Bitty Hexi Bin - a new Sugarlane Design which you'll be able to purchase soon. (Might even be a prize for FNSI this month).

So, ONE plus FOUR plus ONE plus ONE plus ONE equals EIGHT...eight finishes for OPAM!

I'm a wee bit proud of that......made having the flu worthwhile (if that's possible!).

Hope you got lots done for OPAM too.

xox Sugary hugs :o)


  1. totally awesome....well done to you dear Wendy

  2. Awesome work Wendy! As a tea-aholic, I particularly love the teacup. It's so clever. Hope you are flu free now! x

  3. Fantastic! So satisfying to make if full circle on so many projects! Hope you're feeling better and the flu bug has moved on!

  4. OPAM = one project a month? I always forget. =) You certainly did a lot of great finishes. I think my favorite is your sew pouch, but teacup is too pretty to ignore, too!

  5. Very productive Wendy - do love your little hexie bin!

  6. What an adorable project. Can't wait to get my hands on that one :)

  7. This is so impressive! You managed to get eight projects done even with the flu which is so amazing! Hope you have a great day and continue to make such cool stuff!

  8. These pouches are very attractive and nice. I wish i was as talented as you are to make pouch for everything. I want to make one for coffee cup.


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