Monday 23 November 2020

A late November FNSI

I'm sure this month has skates on! 

I'm a week behind and I didn't even know it....this year really hasn't been one for the faint-hearted, has it?

 Sorry I’m late but i guess you won't mind if we join together this Friday night instead?  I'll understand if you can't but if you're anything like me, you'll have heaps to do before Christmas so anytime is a good time, right?

just click on the link below, sign up and I'll see you then!

:o) Sugary sweet hugs xox


  1. I know what you mean Wendy, days just fly by.....
    Look forward to joining in on Friday. 😘

  2. I get all confused with different time zones and setting our clocks back and what day of the week is it anyway? It is 1:30 in the morning here on Monday, Nov 23. and I really should go to bed. But I am having too much fun.

  3. I agree where has the month gone or for that matter the year???????

  4. Yes, let's do it this Friday!! Looking forward to stitching with you all :-)

  5. I know I'll need a quiet stitching evening this Friday after USA Thanksgiving. A lot of work goes into meal prep and then *burp* it's all over and time to rest (and digest). Lol!

  6. Thank you Wendy - better late than never! Yes, this month has certainly whizzed by - we have been in lockdown but there still seems masses to do. xx

  7. I am still wondering where the year has! Looking forward to some quiet stitching xx

  8. I did wonder - but I'd missed FNWF so figured I would miss both - nevermind - as you say - lots to sew - but will there be anything I can show??

    oh well, I will sew with you all anyway!

  9. Oh how lucky I came on and caught up with posts! I'll be joining in this week!

  10. I actually did the FNSI on the regularly scheduled night, but then your post wasn't here. I hope there was nothing serious that distracted you. I'll try to come back next month.


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