Sunday, 13 May 2012

Computer Glitches over and out……

….so now I can wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!


I now know never to try to install a new Windows version without proper advice…..nothing like wiping your entire computer clean!!!… drivers, nothing……..couldn’t even access the internet to reinstall the drivers!……thank goodness for knowing a very clever computer man….but it took a while!

I can show you some things I’ve been up to now too….

144 (Medium)145 (Medium)

I’ve finished this pincushion for Clare’s pincushion swap….a Rosalie Quinlan design called “Kiwi-Berry Stitches” using Cosmos and Cottage Garden Threads

….and apart from a bit of gardening…….

005 (Medium)012 (Medium)020 (Medium)033 (Medium)035 (Medium)041 (Medium)065 (Medium)069 (Medium)

giving my oven a well-overdue cleaning….

131 (Medium)

…..and then initiating it with a yummy apple strudel……

150 (Medium) 

…………going to a friend’s wedding……

082 (Medium)087 (Medium)106 (Medium)

and a couple of hospital visits….all routine, nothing major…….and not all mine!!!!!!, life’s been pretty hectic!

DS gave me these beauties for Mother’s Day…..

009 (Medium)

…even finding the vase and setting them up on the table for me as a ‘surprise’…….(just makes me all gooey inside!!!!!)

….and I set to and made this potholder as part of our present to my Mother-in-law……

013 (Medium)015 (Medium)016 (Medium)017 (Medium)

Being married to an Italian family means LOTS of cooking….hence the 15kg I’ve gained since marrying my darling man!!!…….so cooking stuff NEVER goes astray, and is NEVER received ungratefully by an Italian in our family!!!!  I hope she just loves the Riley Blake fabric like I do!

Have a fabulous Mothers’ Day……

Sugary hugs xox :O)

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  1. have a lovely Mother's Day.
    Pleased you are back and loved all your photos.

  2. lovely post Wendy,lots have been happening at your end and love that 1st rose,so pretty.xx

  3. ROFL - that pic of the computer guy cracked me up! Oh girl I love that pincushion, and the potholder, wow what a great design! I admit to being jealous of your oven, lol...mine hasn't looked like that since it was new...I'm so glad you're back! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Your sewing is gorgeous as always Wendy!! Looks like you've been busy!! Hoping you enjoy the rest of your Mother's Day!!

  5. WOW I just love that oincusion and that pic of the guy in the computer... priceless :o) Enjoy your Mother's Day hugs

  6. Happy Mothers Day your pincushion...

  7. gorgeous pin cushion, beautiful flowers and seriously yummy looking strudel, lovely pot holders but what I love the most is the lovely flowers from your son. Enjoy!

  8. Was the computer guy looking for the right connection?? Don't we miss "it" when we have no p.c. you would think the world had ended.

  9. Gorgeous Wendy!! Did she like the Riley Blake because it's perfect!


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