Sunday, 18 August 2013

FNSI ….it’s got to be Friday SOMEWHERE in the world, right?!

It’s Sunday evening….9pm……and I’ve finished my Friday Night Sew In Project!!!!!…….nothing like extending that Friday Night as long as you can……well…….it is Friday Night ‘somewhere’ in the world, isn’t it?????  LOL

We all know I work best under pressure and our Guild’s quilt show is being held next week……(set up is Wednesday)……we have been given a piece of challenge fabric to design ‘whatever’ we want… long as it is no bigger than 36” square……

Ok…….pressure????   I began mine Friday night!!!!!      When I saw the fabric, a brown/maroon/khaki/beige paisley design, I had very little idea of what to do with it…..but as I got to know it - stroked it and talked to it (c’mon….we all do that, right????),  it sorta looked very Australiana to me…….

… more Aussie than a slouch hat full of pansies????? (nice tootsies!!!! LOL   just noticed them hee hee)

002 (Medium)

The design was already drawn for another purpose, so Friday night was prepping the applique pieces, fusing them and starting the stitching….

005 (Medium)003 (Medium)004 (Medium)








I didn’t get too much further than this…..but, in my wisdom (and with a deadline to meet!!), I figured…..”It’s got to be Friday night SOMEWHERE in the world!”, so I continued on into Saturday, and then into Sunday and finished this evening, ready to put in the frame tomorrow……

007 (Medium)

See what I mean about the Australiana ‘look’……to me, that paisley has almost become an Aboriginal print

009 (Medium)008 (Medium)

….and what better way to commemorate what our diggers did for us all those years ago….

…..and it’s ready (well almost!) to display at our Quilt Show with plenty of time to spare!  So now to take a breather and see what everyone else got up to for FNSI.  Remember, make sure your post is up by midnight tonight, my time to be included in the draw for this month’s prize of ……

004 (Medium)

….these beauties…..fat quarters courtesy of Andrea of Hibiscus Stitches……go and visit and tell her how fabulous she is!!!!!!

Sugary hugs xox :o)

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  1. It is gorgeous, and well done on getting it done so quickly!! I definitely stroke my fabric and say nice things to it until it tells me what it wants to become :)

  2. such gorgeous and meaningful work,well done Wendy.xx

  3. I love the patriotic design, my son was in the army (Discharged this year ) so I am drawn towards the military and honours to all they have done and continue to do for us.

  4. I love your design. Truly amazing. The fabric just sets the hat off. Great work.

  5. Fabulous design and posted on an appropriate day too.
    It is " Vietnam Veterns Day".

  6. Good thinking with the fabric Wendy. The design is gorgeous, and all the fabrics work well - it has taken on a very Australian feel.

  7. This is so lovely...glad to know I am not the only tardy one with a post:)

  8. Oh Wendy this is gorgeous - you are so very talented!!!

  9. Super idea and the fabric works perfectly. It does look lovely.

  10. That fabric does look aboriginal design doesn't it! So glad you got it completed & thanks for hosting FNSI

  11. Love it Wendy. Just fabulous. Hugs,xx

  12. great idea Wendy... and lovely rich colours too...

  13. I love that - very creative - amazing what a deadline does - love the shading on the poppies...Hope you win!

  14. Looks very Australian! Very beautiful, I love the poppies, hugs Wendy

  15. What a gorgeous design! I do love what you did with the paisley. My FNSI post was up on the 17th, so it isn't the one on top any more. =)

    dezertsuz at gmail (desertskyquilts and cq4fun, both at wordpress)

  16. Well done. Yes very creative. Looks great :)

  17. Your project is so lovely. Enjoy the quilt show

  18. Oh my gosh, Wendy...that is BEAUTIFUL!!! Simply beautiful. I love the stitching....just perfect!!!


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