Thursday 1 August 2013

Give thanks–at last!!! Fee’s new blog and Birthday-Love Stash reminder

There has been a bit of sickness in our house this past fortnight, which has put rest to many well laid out plans…isn’t it always the way??

But, still, there’s a lot to give thanks for…..I’m not as sick as I could be…I’ll get over it…….I have fantastic friends and family…….. although not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, we’re not poverty stricken and have a roof over our heads and food on the table….and the list goes on…….

Remember my sneaky peeks???……..

IMG_2409 (Medium)zoom

I know…..I can be a bit of a tease at times……..but all for good reason, I promise!!!!   This little idea has been brewing away in my head for quite a while.  It’s a prayer that has been with me ever since I can remember……sitting at the Sunday school table as a child, I remember it well…….and it just had to come out in stitches and fabric…….  I’ve called it ‘Give Thanks’, because we DO have so much to be thankful for…….

012 (Medium)


154 (Medium)

Stitched on natural linen, it is just perfect and turned out EXACTLY as I’d imagined…….I think THAT bit was out of my hands!!!! hee hee

You can stitch your own too…..the pattern is available HERE in my Craftsy pattern store.  Pop on over and have a look.

Another place to visit is my friend Fee’s new blog……Fee’s Shabby Shack.  Go and say Hi, and sign up for some of Fee’s wonderful daily deals……such temptation!  I have a bit of a thing for Babushka dolls and look what she had on her daily deal yesterday…..



aren’t they just gorgeous!!!????   ……and only $3AUD each….see what I mean by Daily DEALS!!!???? And don’t forget, postage in Australia is FREE!!!!!!!  Even better!!!  Sign up for her newsletter and you’ll never miss a deal!!!!   You can also check her out on her Facebook page….well worth the visit!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the draw for our Birthday-Love Stash……how is your stash going??? Have you remembered to sign up??? It’s not too late you know!!!  Sign up HERE…the draw is tomorrow and the prize is fabulous………

002 (Medium)

aaaaahhh……..So much to be thankful for………

Sugary hugs :o) xox

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  1. Your Thankful stitchery is lovely
    Well done

  2. What a cute prayer. I remember my cousins saying this prayer. I'm betting one will want it posted on her dining room wall. I'm going to share it with soon as I download my copy for a small quilt.
    Thanks so much!

  3. glad you are feeling better... yes, there is always things to be thankful for.... love your little mini.. the colours etc all come together beautifully...

  4. that is so cute Wendy,well done.xx

  5. Your Thankful stitchery is beautiful and something we said a lot when I was young as well. Will check it out on Craftsy. Hugs.....

  6. Wendy you poor thing, all that sickness in the house, yuk... take care & don't neglect yourself.
    This is a gorgeous new design, I've never been for a look at Craftsy so I have an incentive now! x

  7. You've blown me away with this pattern Wendy, so very gorgeous and I love the prayer!!! And don't you love it when things come out like you planned, lol...I can so relate. Feel better sweetie, I'm saying a prayer or two just for you!!!! XOXOXOXO

  8. Love your new design Wendy. It is a little prayer I remember too. Thanks for the shout out about the SHACK.

    Love you,

    Fee x

  9. Yes, I remember this prayer well as a child too :D LOVE the design - as you well know, lol! Keep up the good work sweetie!!! xx

  10. Very pretty stitching. Love the colours too. xx debbie

  11. Your wall hanging is lovely... Congrats. I think I have said it many times too.I'm a regular visitor and customer to Fee's lovely shoppe..LOVE it!!! Hugs x

  12. I love your prayer. This is the exact prayer my daughter days at school just before she goes to morning tea and lunch. I love it.

  13. Gorgeous pattern!! Yes, it is good to remember to give thanks... xxx

  14. I love your new pattern Wendy, and love the sentiment behind it!! xx

  15. Love your stitchery verse Wendy


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