Monday 19 May 2014

A FNSI Winner


….But before I get into that….here’s what I’ve been up to……

I bought myself a new printer….well….technically it’s called a ‘multi-function centre’ (sounds impressive doesn’t it???)

029 (Medium)

I decided I really need a nice big A3 one so I can print out and scan my patterns from now on in one decent go, rather than making you print two dodgy pages and match them up!   You see, my old faithful died, the printhead was damaged and you know what it’s like, everything these days is ‘disposable’ so its much cheaper to go and buy new rather than try and get it fixed so, what a great opportunity to buy one that will be much more user-friendly!!!!!!

That was last Thursday….took me till late Thursday night to set up space for it (which also gave me an ‘excuse’ to tidy up the office to accommodate her!!) and print out the necessary documents for a little ‘procedure’ I had done on Friday.  I have cysts on my thyroid and the doc has decided they’re not really a problem but something is causing me discomfort so off for a camera down the throat to check……..seems I have a ‘tiny’ hiatus hernia….don’t know exactly what that means but I guess I’ll find out on my re-visit to the doctor, but all in all, it IS good news!?!

So it was about 7pm before we got home and I got to join in on FNSI…..this is what it looked like when we left Townsville…..

009 (Medium)

a gorgeous big full moon shining on the ocean……was so lovely to have it guide us home!

Then I got stuck into some stitching in front of the telly….nothing like a good relaxing stitch…….

033 (Medium)

I finished off this adorable Rosalie Quinlan design made for the girls at Let’s Get Stitched in Melbourne this year.  Couldn’t resist using a Cottage Garden thread…..Peacock…isn’t it just lovely??

…and then I thought I’d revisit an old friend, in Fee’s Framed Hexagons……

031 (Medium)

Didn’t get too much done on Friday night…..just partway through one block…..but I felt really under the weather on Saturday and then Sunday came down with a rotten case of gastro……so my stitching and I became close again…….along with the toilet!!!!!  uuurgh!!! 

I managed to get 6 hexies done and ready to frame….now I only have the last month’s hexies to do to be caught up, then the last lot of the alphabet hexies of Fee’s and I can put it all together!!!!

046 (Medium)

So, I see you’ve all been busy on Friday night too and got lots done……I love these nights where we can all stitch together and get things done….it’s a bit like a catch-up in more ways than one!!!!

This month’s winner has been drawn, and it is……..

14.05.16 winner

Sue….of Just Sew Sue

she finished her gorgeous Fat Quarter Shop Bom from 2012 on Friday night ….well worth a pop over to take a look!

Congratulations Sue…..just swing me an email with your postal address and I’ll send you out this gorgeous charm pack……

047 (Medium)

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the girls…….you can go back to this post and link up to each of them for a visit….. can’t wait until next month!

Sugary hugs xo :o)

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  1. So sorry to hear you were unwell Wendy, but you got some lovely stitching done. Take care x

  2. congrats to Sue and what a lovely post Wendy ,now take good care of yourself,sending big hugs.xx

  3. Lucky Sue... on a gorgeous win!
    Sorry to hear about your time feeling unwell...but your stitching was the better for it... :)

  4. Congrats to Sue! Lots of lovely ptojects. Sorry you have been I'll Wendy.
    Hugs xx

  5. thanks for having us ... and you have a lovely pile of intersting projects there.....

  6. Congrats Sue...I'm so behind, will catch up today with each of you and see what you've been up to. Wendy, love your new printer...looks just awesome, I just love new toys like this! Sorry about the gastro...ugh! I usually grab my pillow and blankie and camp out in the hallway =) Better note...Beautiful stitching! Love your peacock colour!

  7. It was a great night Wendy thank you...congrats to Sue..all your projects are amazing...great new printer..

  8. I love FNSIs and thanks for organizing it for us again this month Wendy..
    you did get a lot done even though you have been feeling unwell. hope alls good again now.
    Congrates to Sue on the win. Nice charm pack .Enjoy.

  9. What a fantastic photograph! Sorry to hear you have a small problem - lets hope it can be sorted easily.Those threads are gogeous. Congrats to Sue. xx

  10. Your post is overflowing with the goodness I missed while you were gone! The photograph makes me wish I could have been sitting in your backseat on that drive. Your embroidery, all of it, is as wonderful as it always is. I do love that peacock thread you used. I haven't tried that brand. I found a couple of sellers online - The Pickledish Patch and the Patchwork Angel - she has some gorgeous collections of six! I can see I'm going to have to save some money and choose judiciously. =) It's all floss, not perle, right? Hope you are feeling much better now!

  11. Hope you are feeling much better now Wendy. Have been thinking about you lots and hoping all was ok. Love the idea of the A3 printer, one of my goals hopefully when my current one decides to have its hissy fit. (not yet though please.)
    Take care, and huge hugs. xxx

  12. Great work for your FNSI Wendy - glad to see things are settling for you now - happy printing!!

  13. Happy Birthday Dearest Wendy I hope you have had an awesome day...

  14. A little birdie told me it was your birthday today. I hope you had a wonderful day with an abundance of all great things. Love that Rosie Q stitchery, especially using that Cottage Garden thread. I am rather a fan of those threads myself.Ofcourse, being hexie fan I really love your stitched hexies too. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Your stitching is lovely. That Peacock colour thread is beautiful! I just found you through Instagram and now I'm following you here as well.


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