Monday 22 May 2017

A Friday in May Winner for FNSI

A little late to be drawing the prize for this month's FNSI - I apologise.
I had my son and his girlfriend come for dinner so, after crumbed skinny chicken kiev, baked potato wedges and mixed vegetables, followed by the most delectable chocolate brownies with ice cream, I can now sit down and draw the winner!

This month's prize was one I purchased in Adelaide at our Let's Get Stitched retreat in March in a little shop in a little town on our way to Maggie Beer's farm and the Seppeltsfield winery.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect......
If you've never done sashiko (刺し子, literally "little stabs") before, it's a wonderfully relaxing form of stitchery which was originally a form of decorative reinforcement stitching (or functional embroidery) from JapanThe white cotton thread on the traditional indigo blue cloth gives sashiko its distinctive appearance and you can find loads of information and hints on YouTube, Pinterest and other internet websites on the correct way to stitch sashiko.  This is an example of the diagonal pattern in the kit the winner will receive....

It would look beautiful set in a bag as a large pocket, as a feature on a tote, as a book or Ipad cover or even just a placemat or feature on a table runner. If you've never tried it before and particularly if you're not a 'stitcher', I recommend giving it a go.  You can find lots of other styles of stitching and equipment you will need HERE too, another site I'd highly recommend.
Now let's get to it....the draw.......thanks to Mr RNG again this month........


 Drop me a line and I'll get your prize in the mail.  I'm SURE you're going to like it!

xox sugary hugs :o)


  1. Hmmm ! Delicious dinner...
    Congratulations Petrushka , enjoy the your win...

  2. Congratulations, Petrushka! And to you, Wendy ... better late than never, as they say! You are amazing! Sorry I missed FNSI this month!!

  3. Congrats to Petruska,glad you had a lovely time with your family Wendy xx

  4. What a lovely gift Wendy - congratulations Petruska. xx

  5. What a lovely gift. Congratulations.

  6. i want some ooey gooey brownies now... sigh! Well this a great giveaway idea and i am sad i'm not a part of it. congratulations to the winner though!


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