Monday 8 May 2017


A bit of stitching happened when I sat with my friends at FNWF (thanks Chez for a great night BTW!)
I started early as it was my Father-in-law's 82nd birthday which we celebrated in the evening.
(Happy birthday Dad! <3)

So Fri-DAY with Friends started with a swap make....
...then working on a stitchery for the gift pile....

I just love Nikki's Brandy Gully stitcheries!
I'm thinking I should unpick the poem text as two strands is just too thick and one strand won't cover the print so maybe I should just leave it...what do you think?

Thanks again Chez for a wonderful day.....see what the other girls were up to HERE

xox Sugary hugs :o)


  1. HI Wendy, great birthday cake for your FIL!! Hope you all had a good time :-) It looks like you had a productive time with your stitching..... I did a Brandy Gully poem once and used 1 thread for the didn't show but i did use a black thread, the same colour as the print itself. Friends of mine who had made the same one didn't stitch theirs and they looked great!

  2. Love the birthday cake!!

    mmm tough decision - I would possibly leave it - very tiny sewing otherwise...but I would go with 1 thread and a similar colour if I stitched it.

  3. Love FILs cake 😁....
    Cute hexie and I like two strands for your gorgeous stitchery.

  4. hi Wendy i think the 2 strands look fine,its a lovely project to be working on,well done xx

  5. Hi Wendy...stitcheries are so relaxing aren't they. From what I can see the two strands look fine x

  6. Perfect birthday cake! Happy birthday to him! Leave the two strands. It looks fine to me!

  7. Pizza for cake - what a great idea! I think your stitching looks fine. But I'm no expert. Lovely stitchery pattern.

  8. I started to stitch the Quilters poem. I didn't like the look of the text so I threw it in the cupboard. Interested to see what you decide.

  9. What a great stitchery - difficult question that, if one thread does not cover the print. I am assuming the print does not disappear when washed? Gosh, pretty hexie flower - I wonder who that could be for! Congrats to your FIL. xx


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