Tuesday, 20 April 2021

April FNSI Results and Draw

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here with doctors, hospitals and resting at home.  I had another random collapse, knocking poor Mr B down in the process, and right in the middle of a restaurant!  (I never do things by halves!)  I've been having multiple tests, checks and appointments but to date, all seems ok.  
I just need to monitor my blood pressure and back to the doctor next week.  Hopefully we have some answers then.   

In the meantime, I was absolutely shattered on Friday night after a full day back at work so a glass of wine and sleep was my destiny.  I did manage to get a bit done over the weekend though, finishing a couple of "Around My Garden" blocks and the Ruler Bag by Kris Meares of Tag Along Teddies for the Girl's Stitch In 2021 so I counted these into my Friday Night finishes.....after all, it would have been Friday night somewhere in the world??!! 

I absolutely adore this pattern....isn't it gorgeous???
I hope you've had a chance to pop over to all the ladies who joined in on Friday night to see what beauties they created?  If not, just go to the links HERE and you can visit them all, along with heading over to the facebook group.  

I have had a little conversation with our sponsor over the weekend and she has been busy beavering away, cutting kits and getting orders organised but I know she's got something ready for our lucky winner this just might be a bit of a surprise at the moment!  Regardless, I'm going to draw a lucky winner to receive said mystery prize and I just know Kitty will have something absolutely perfect for them.
If you haven't had a chance to visit Kitty Rose Cottage, I recommend you do.  This month's Little Box of Creativity, has a guest designer.....Lauren Wright from Mama and Me!!!!   Here's a sneak peak of what's in it..... don't you just love Tilda Woodland Hazel Grey with Pink spots? 

On to our prize draw.....  Good luck everybody.......

Congratulations to our Lucky winner!!!!!   I'll be passing your details on to Kitty Rose to organise getting your prize posted to you.    

Have a wonderful week...thanks for joining in on another awesome Sew In.   Hope you can join in with us next month!

Big Sugary Hugs :o) xox

PS:  Our winner from last month, Stitching Loving Nana hasn't come forward to claim her prize yet.   If it was you, can you please make contact so we can post it out to you?   xx


  1. Congrats to Christine.
    Hope you can get your health issues sorted.

  2. Congrats to Christine.
    Hope you can get your health issues sorted.

  3. Congrats to Christine.
    Hope you can get your health issues sorted.

  4. Haha. It's not me unfortunately. It's Miche'le won! You have to spin the wheel. I hope you are feeling better soon Wendy. That must have been quite a scare for you. xx

  5. Wow, what a lovely surprise and I have just placed an order with Kitty Rose. Thank you so much.

  6. Do hope they find the cause of your tumbling problem soon Wendy..
    Congrats Michele.....

  7. Oh my! That had to be scary for you, for hubby, and for everyone present. I guess hubby was OK after your take-down and I surely hope the doctors can figure out what happened to you and that there are preventative measures to be taken. No one would want that looming over their heads. Thanks for rounding us all up again. Your blocks are gorgeous and what a sweet tote! Many thanks to Kitty Rose for offering up a sweet gift -- although I wasn't the lucky winner. Congrats to Miche'le and thanks for the video of the spinning -- that was FUN TO WATCH!!! Stay well!

  8. Hope you are feeling/being well soon...
    Congrats to Christine...xox

  9. Congratulations to your winner - whoever! So sorry to read that you have been unwell Wendy again Wendy - I do hope that they find the problem. Thanks for hosting us and lovely work during your delayed Friday Night. xx

  10. Hi Wendy, This might sound strange but I wonder if I am Stitching Loving Nana? I use these phrases when I join some parties. Meanwhile, I am sorry to hear about your health issues and fingers crossed they are all sorted now.


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