Thursday 18 August 2022

Friday night Sew In and some winners....finally!

Can you believe it's time already for our virtual get-together??  It comes around so quickly, and for that I am grateful!  I always love knowing I'm not stitching alone, even though I'm bunkered down in my lounge room with all I need to keep me going with a good movie playing and a cuppa and chocolate!   I can appreciate that we're all doing our thing, together...It's great, isn't it?
But firstly,  I need to catch up on some overdue prize draws.  You ladies have been super patient with me and I know that Kitty Rose has some wonderful prizes just waiting to be sent out to the lucky winners for May, June and July. (oops, how did I let that many slip??)
Here goes.... firstly May.  We had 23 lovely ladies joining together in May and we had some beautiful projects happening to inspire us.  Our winner for May is:

(don't know what happened to my photo and how it became blurry but you can still see the winner!)

In June we had a whopping 28 joining in.  Our lucky winner for June is:

and Finally July where 22 wonderful friends got together to stitch the night away.  Our winner for July is:

Congratulations to all three of our lovely winners.   Pop me a message with your postal address and I'll have Miss Kitty Rose aka Dawn, send out your prizes.
Now, without further are the sign ups for this month's stitch in (tomorrow night! *eek* it comes around so quickly!)
have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow!
big sugary hugs xox :o) 



  1. Thanks Wendy. I’m in as I have a lot of catching up to.
    Congrats to all three winners ..

  2. I am ready to sew during Friday, as I have some new close work glasses.
    They have made such a difference. Any excuse and I'm sat down sewing.
    It will be fun to sew with virtual crafters around the world.

  3. Thank you Wendy, I've missed a few sew-ins but hope to sit down with you all later tonight!

  4. Thanks Wendy. Got a bumper session planned for today.

  5. Hi Wendy ... thanks heaps for allowing me to join in and sew with everyone here tonight. It's been a long time since I joined a group for company, and I have missed it ... so ... I shall go see what I can achieve tonight. I am very excited indeed.
    Huge hugs ... Bobbie B ...

  6. Oooops nearly didn't get here....

  7. Whew! That snuck up on me too. I went shop hop hopping today but I'll be in my favorite chair sewing a binding on a lap-sized donation quilt. I just sent my address to your email.


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