Wednesday 17 April 2024

Ta-Da! Back online for our April FNSI and some winners

 I missed last month's post as it crept up on me yet again.  Could it be old age?   Becoming forgetful?  Being too busy?  or all of the above!?  Anyways, we're back in business!

I've been busy trying to do a bit of a tidy up of my craft room which becomes more disheartening as I get myself into such a muddle once I start as I don't know where I'm headed with it all!  I've joined a few Quilting organisation Facebook groups which have given me some inspiration (and a few jealous moments, drooling over some of their rooms!), so I'm going to attempt to tackle things slowly but surely this year.  It doesn't help my room is just a small bedroom and I have so much crammed in there.  I need to have a good think and plan something out that's going to work for me.

  Seriously though, I can see a bit of a destash coming up soon!

I have been busy catching up on my Farmer's Wife blocks.   I'm up to number 87 now so on the downhill run.  I've started with some French General fabrics and added a few more complementary reds, blues, and beiges to fill it out a bit.  I must say, looking back on the blocks I've done, I've surprised myself as I'd never done hand pieced blocks when I'd started and just fluffed along, trying different ways to make them.  I thought I'd have to redo some but they seem better than I recalled so I think I only have about 25 blocks to go before I start with the sashing and putting it all together.  I'm thinking I may use the machine for that.  It's getting to the exciting part, where I'll see it all come together...I can't wait!

Now let's catch up on our past few months of winners, shall we?    Firstly I'll begin by saying how much I enjoy your company every month and how you not only inspire me but the motivation is just so valuable to each and every one of us.  It never ceases to amaze me how online friendships are so wonderfully special because they start with a common interest that often turns into some of the best relationships you can wish for.

Okie dokie....let's revisit January's FNSI.  We had 25 lovely ladies join in with some beautiful work on show.  I popped all names into the Wheel and gave it a little spin...

February, we had 27 stitching sisters come together both virtually and face to face as we had the Tilda 25th Anniversary Tour in Brisbane that weekend.  It was so good to catch up and then many of our group were lucky enough to travel to the Melbourne leg of the tour and get together the following weekend.  I love our quilty get-togethers!  After giving the February Wheel a bit of a spin, out popped......

Our March FNSI was a bit of a rush job (my fault)_so we only had 22 friends to stitch along, which isn't a bad thing because it gives you a better chance to win our draw!!!  *wink*   So here's who's name spun up when the Wheel did its thing....

Congratulations to all our lovely ladies....I just know you'll choose something beautiful! 

So now we're all up to date with our draws, I promise to try to keep on track for the rest of the year!!  

Remember that our winners have all won a $30 voucher from our wonderful, amazing, extraordinarily generous friend and sponsor, Dawn Hay of Kitty Rose Cottage.  If you haven't had the chance to pop over and have a look in the shop lately, 

I recommend it...the latest Tilda range, "Creating Memories" is up for pre-order and IT IS DIVINE!  

Each month, Dawn sponsors our group and generously donates a $30 voucher to spend in -store .  She has the most beautiful heart and if you purchase anything from Kitty Rose Cottage, you're bound to find something special tucked in there to make your day.  She regularly pops an extra Tilda fat eighth in her Little Box of Creativity or some other special treat.  You will not be disappointed with the service you receive, I can 100% guarantee it.

So you have a chance to be in the draw for the $30 gift voucher this month, make sure you link in below OR head over to the Facebook group page and join in on this month's post.

If you're not a member of our Facebook group, ask to join when you're there or send me a message and I'll send you an invitation.  That's where you can follow what everyone's up to on the's so much fun!

I'm looking forward to getting another couple of Farmer's Wife blocks completed....what have you got planned for Friday night?  Looking forward to stitching along with you again!  

Happy hump day with big sugary hugs xox :o)


  1. Yahoo!!! Lucky me!
    And Congrats to Helen & Dianne too

    mmmm what will I sew??? maybe some binding??

    I'll sort something - we have Craft Alive that day so will have to be easy stuff!

  2. Well done Wendy with all the Framers Wife blocks.
    Congratulations to Susan,Helen and Dianne, enjoy your lovely gift from Kitty Rose.

  3. Can't wait to see all of your Farmer's Wife blocks, Wendy. I have a book of those patterns but never attempted to make them (yet!). We will be in the camper this weekend so I may start my FNSI a bit early, just in case I can't sew Friday night. Thank you, as always, for hosting, even though my participation is inconsistent. I do visit the others to see what they get up to.

  4. Congrats to the winners

  5. Congratulations to your winners, and to you for getting all those blocks done. Good luck with the rest and I look forward to seeing more pictures. xx

  6. What a lovely pile of blocks you have there... it will look gorgeous in FG... congrats to the winners and thanks again for hosting...


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