Tuesday, 17 April 2018

FNSI for April already!

Can you believe it?  This year is scooting by faster than last year, I'm sure!
What have I been doing?  Well, a little EPP, some stitchery, some hexies for swaps and quilting a dear friend's quilt (who has since passed away) for her husband to snuggle under to be closer to her.
I've also pieced some blocks for a pineapple quilt I'm making for my DIL-to-be but it's all come to a standstill this past two weeks as I've been working full time 6 days a week while the boss took her holidays.  I didn't stop to take photos of it all but you can see some of the progress.
Sunday I had a day off, that just happened to coincide with dear Mr B's, so we decided to go on a road trip.  We travelled up to Tully where we had an impromptu meet-up with my cousin, who lives in Cairns.  From there, we travelled to Mission Beach  (I hadn't been there before) where we had lunch, spent some time catching up on the goss, and then we headed home - her northward-bound and us southward.

Along the road home, we stopped at a few roadside stalls and picked up some fresh papaya (pawpaw), avocado, pineapples, rambutan, dragonfruit and some bananas....gorgeous fresh 'cheap' tropical fruit.  We'll be eating nice healthy fruit salads this week.... yummo! 
Looking up into the mountains, you can still see the remnants of stripped trees from Cyclone Yasi in 2011. 
Mind you, it's not all bad.....the improvements that have been made since then to the roads and to the Cardwell foreshore are just wonderful.
So now that brings me to here and now....and that it's time for our Friday Night Sew In sign ups once again.....and I must say, my favourite time of the month!
I would love it if you joined in with us.  Just sign up below so we can visit you and cheer you along and I'm sure I can find a sweet little prize for one lucky FNSI-er!
Must be again in the morning and the kittens are climbing all over me trying to entice me to bed.   
Big sugary hugs xox :o)


  1. I'll be there....I am sure there is something I will find to do.
    Thanks Wendy, sounds like a lot of fun travelling around.

  2. Hi Wendy sounds like a wonderful trip was needed after all your hard work see you Friday night my friend xx

  3. Hello, ladies! Looking forward to Friday night ... stitching and seeing what you've been up to lately. Cheers!

  4. Looking forward to another lovely catch-up. Looks like you had so much fun on your trip.

  5. I'm sure you've made a mistake Wendy. lol. Can't believe it's that time already. Another month racing by. :( Hugs,xx

  6. It looks like you had fun on your road trip. Looking forward to our "sewing night together".

  7. Your road trip sounds like it was fun and nice to do
    No I cant believe it is time for FNSI already
    Soon be Christmas

  8. Always great to get out for a road trip.. Great photos...
    Sew looking forward to my FNSI with you and girls...

  9. Lovely and special stitching Wendy and nothing better than a road trip....loved your piccies. See you Friday night xx

  10. I would love to join the Fnsi, but this Friday we will start our holidays, so I wish so much fun and I will join next month again!
    Greetings from Germany

  11. I shall miss joining in this week as am away again but hope you all have fun. xx

  12. Thanks for hosting the FNSI, see you Friday :)

  13. Looking forward t Friday night in x

  14. Thanks for hosting the FNSI! See you all for some fun stitching tonight :)

  15. Looking forward to sewing with you all!

  16. Hi, I'm new here, and looking forward to visit all of you!
    Looks like you have been busy, Wendy ;)

  17. Thanks for hosting us yet again and also for sharing your fabulous road trip - great photos.


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