Tuesday 16 June 2020

An End to Pain for FNSI

Yes it's June already and it's the third week so it's time for FNSI sign ups!

I know I promised myself this year I'd be more attentive to my blog and blogging family, and it's been bugging me as I've been slacker instead of better.  I thought it may have something to do with CV-19 or maybe being too busy with work but I think I've finally figured it out.  

Blogging has become quite a chore for me...…. because of my glasses!  
Why would glasses affect my blogging you might ask?    Since I turned 45 ( a good 10 years ago now....even though it feels like yesterday!) my eyes have deteriorated such that I need to wear glasses all day every day, not just for reading.  So, that means my glasses have progressive lenses and have had from the very start.  

This has been great for me as I have had no problem adjusting to them and no problem wearing them.  Transitioning my view from driving to sewing to watching tv to looking at the stars hasn't been a problem, however I have been suffering from a progressively worsening neck and shoulder issue which leaves me with constant inflammation and pain from headaches and backaches and I become really irritable.  I don't want to become 'one of those wives' who whinges and whines, nor one who pops pills constantly for pain, but I'm finding that's becoming more the norm.

I've been thinking more and more about it lately and I've discovered that it worsens when I'm on my computer......because when I look at the screen, I have to tilt my head back slightly to get the right angle to see clearly through the bottom half of my lenses!  Now this seems like an obvious thing, but the tilt was ever so slight I didn't even notice it for almost forever however, now when I tilt, I feel the grinding of bones and pinching of's fun getting older isn't it ??!?!

Now that I've figured it out in the last couple of weeks (to say I'm a slow learner is an understatement!), I've tried raising my moniter, raising my chair, moving my glasses , all to no avail,or only slightly (raising my chair today has helped considerably but it's still not quite enough unless my head hits the ceiling!), so I think my next port of call is the optometrists to see if I can get a pair of 'readers only'.   If that works,  I can use them for my computer work and blogging and reaquaint myself with my love without pain and get back to my bloggy friends without being a whingy, whiney, drugged-up mess!

Hopefully this is the start of a better second half of the year, as soon as I can get an appointment and hopefully some relief.
Back to it for this month, it's our FNSI this Friday night.  I'd love for you to join us, just sign up, using your blog, instagram or facebook links, or any way we can stop by and see what you've been up to.   Remember to start with www.http://   then your web address......that will get us to your house!

Looking forward to stitching up a storm with you this Friday night!
xox  Sugary sweet hugs :o)


  1. Hope you get your problem sorted. See you Friday night in the "sewing room".

  2. Hope you can get some relief. I can't wear fully graduated lenses for that reason. I was always struggling trying to find my field of vision and like you....headaches and neck aches. I now have long distance glasses and what they call computer vision lenses....I can look at the screen and then read what is in front of me. I have had them since working and doing data entry. I think there are only 2 graduations instead of is inconvenient having 2 pairs but works for me....good luck x

  3. Do hope you get the glasses problem solved soon.Luckily I have no trouble using multi focal glasses...
    Gee three weeks into June already , look forward to sewing along with you and friends on Friday.

  4. Hi Wendy, I can really relate to everything you are saying. I sit in front of 2 computer screens everyday for full time work, I then go home and sit, not knowing if I should watch tv, read blogs, type my blog or sew. I find I sit and do nothing. I do not sew during the week any more, I'm too tired. I listen to the tv, not really watching and randomly reading blogs. I find I struggle to type a post once a week now. Yes I have been wearing glasses full time for the past 8 years too. I'm about the same age. It's an acceptance issue i am dealing with. Or is it just an age thing. I do know for me it also has something to do with the colder, darker days where I just want to sit under a blanket with a glass of wine.
    Try to get some sewing in though... Happy stitching.....

  5. When I worked on a computer all day long, I got a pair of "computer glasses". They were mid-range vision. The computer sat too close for the distance part of my glasses and I didn't want to sit so close to the screen with the reading part of my glasses. My optometrist recommended a mid-range solution and it worked perfectly for me! Be sure to tell the doctor all you're experiencing and he/she should be able to set you straight again. See you Friday!

  6. I'll be there!!
    I too wear glasses all my waking hours - and have multi focals - but I do not have that sort of a problem - you need to tell the optometrist what you do and get them to make the lenses suit first priority is my hand sewing focal point - then the screen...maybe you would do better if you could use a more portable device - like an iPad that you can put on your lap...anyhow I do hope you sort it - we can't have you with no computer!!!

  7. Ugh...chronic pain is no fun at all. :( I've lived with chronic pain since my late 30s. Now I'm 54 & I feel the same as you....I don't want to be that whiny old lady who is always in pain!

    I highly recommend doing some daily stretches. Learn some yoga stretches or see if you can do a few sessions with a physical therapist or trainer at a gym. It is so worth it! I had a back injury over 10 yrs ago & the things I learned from my physical therapist still help me deal with my chronic pain all these years later. It really does make a huge difference. I can go longer doing things that aggravate my pain....all those fun things like gardening, sitting at the computer, needlework or paper crafts.

  8. Hi Wendy,
    Sorry to hear that you are having problems. It is never easy. I have worn glasses since Childhood then went to Contact lenses then back to glasses. I have mutifocals, it is not easy finding the spot where you need to see close up at times. I know you have moved your glasses around to try to find the spot. What I have to do is sit my glasses at the end of my nose. I need a new pair of glasses too, as reading the iPad is getting harder for me to see with my glasses on. I am short sighted so now has resorted to reading the ipad with my glasses off.
    Yes getting an iPad is a great option for you. I hope you find a good solution soon.
    Your pic about having to wear glasses in the shower cracked me up. That is a good one.

  9. The glasses will really help! I'll see you on Friday.

  10. Looking forward to attending again.

  11. Hoping to join in again, but like you seeking relief from pain. Mine is in my back and my sewing chairs don't help.

  12. Well I am glad that you have figured out the problem. I know when my husband first had varifocals the optician suggested a separate pair of glasses for computer work which has worked well for him. Looking forward to Friday, thank you. xx

  13. Hi Wendy. I don't think I'll make it this month. Tomorrow is the big day when we help Mitchell and Steph move into their new house. Very exciting. I think I'll be too exhausted to stitch tomorrow night! Have fun everyone.

  14. At least you figured it the problem out - I hope a visit to the optician helps to sort this out for you. Ageing eyes is no fun. See you for some stitching tonight :-)

  15. Hi Wendy, sorry to hear you have been having vision issues; no pun intended they can be a real pain. I have to use readers and have various have the highest correction for stitching and another for the computer. It is a nuisance and as soon as I'm out of isolation, I'm going to the optometrist too. Try to sort it out once and for all. Good luck to you and thanks so much for hosting.

  16. Hi Wendy,
    Hope your specs are working fine and you have got used to them...
    As it's the third Friday this week I'm looking forward to our FNSI....
    Hugs Maria


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