Tuesday 25 October 2016

October's FNSI progress and ooh-la-la, a Winner

Sorry for the delay.....I should have posted this last night, but a sick husband required my undivided attention.   He's getting better thanks to an 'old' family doctor, one who knows the symptoms for things they don't see in the surgery much these days.   After three years of seeing doctors and specialists, it just goes to show, an old head is sometimes the wisest!

Anyhoo, back to business........

...we had twenty-two lovely ladies partying on into Friday night, and some into the early hours of Saturday morning!  I got a little bit done, getting closer and closer to a finish on my 'Girls' Day Out' quilt with quite a bit of the applique getting finished and the outer borders.

I've started working on the last individual rose appliques, but I'll leave that for another day!

So....a winner?   But first, what is this month's prize?  I've left it a secret until now....

....some gorgeous threads and matching FQs......French-inspired!  Oui oui, tres chic!  

If you haven't had a chance to see what our lovely ladies got up to on Friday night, you can pop back {here} and see.    And don't forget to block next month's FNSI date into your diaries......we'll party again on Friday 18th November, with Sign-ups starting Monday 14th on the blog.  Just for fun....it will be  a Christmas-inspired prize.

But for now......our winner for this month is.........


I'll be getting that off in the mail to you pronto!  In the meantime, pop back during the week and I'll show you how I did my applique on the 'cheap'!

xox Sugary hugs :o)

Monday 17 October 2016

A Blast from the Past and October FNSI Sign-ups

We took Dad (F-I-L) for a drive on the weekend.  So??? you might ask???
....but there were a couple of good reasons for our insistence.....

(1)  Dad has developed Alzheimers and Dementia......we've noticed a difference in the past few years with little things, especially after operations and anaesthetics....now don't get me wrong, I know little about medical things but upon noticing the change and speaking with his GP, he confirmed that anaesthetics have an effect on the brain and tend to speed up those problems if they are already present.  He had a sudden lapse a few months ago and ended up in hospital with the diagnosis, so we try and get him out and about, recognising things, as it is good for him.

(2)  He is driving Mum (M-I-L) mad with his constant repetitive talk about making salami and sausages, losing things and forgetting how to write/eat and expecting to just get in the car and drive to the shops to buy God knows what for his spur of the moment ideas  (usually sausage making ...he IS Italian!! ...despite having his licence taken from him earlier in the year!)

(3)  Having them both cooped up in the house together 24/7 is like being in a tinder box....it could explode at any moment and is not good for either of them...you see, Dad still thinks he's being funny by taunting Mum with things he knows will get to her.....like constant talk of sausages!!!!    Getting the drift???

(4)  We know Dad's days are numbered (well, all our days are numbered really, aren't they?) and want to share as much time with him as we can whilst he's still willing and able.

So we let Mum have a bit of a rest and took Dad for a drive....it was supposed to be a small-ish one....just up to Millaroo to show him where hubby works (He's been there before but often can't remember where it is, let alone what it looks like), and we showed him how the lagoon had filled after we had the good rains late last week, along with the new wieners and horses up on the property.

On our way back, we took a little detour......just to show Dad some of the places he might recognise from his younger days, and we ended up going a little further than even we expected.  We went to the little gold-mining town of Ravenswood  It's a tiny picturesque historic town where the gold mines still operate but much is left in it's original state......just beautiful.....and the scenery on the drive is not bad either.

Stepping back in time was good for Dad....he remembered much of the things along the way, recalling people from his childhood and previous visits when he was younger.  Yep, it was a Blast from the Past........ And we all had to think quickly when a peacock flew at eye level past our windscreen....we couldn't believe what we were seeing!

It was a long afternoon, and he's still exhausted but you could see his brain was getting a workout and he's still talking about it (instead of salami-making) so it must have been good!  And Mum had a well-earned rest too, which she needed as her poor run down body had recently succumbed to a bout of the flu.  And we just loved spending time with those that we love.......we're luckier than some to realise this and even luckier than most to still have the chance.
Don't forget to tell those you love that you love them....it's a prize more valuable than any gold!
And speaking of prizes, it's that time of the month again.....

October's  Friday Night Sew In  (FNSI) is this Friday and I've got lots I need to get done.  With Halloween and Christmas just around the corner, I bet you have lots to get done too?

So why not lock some time in just for you, with your virtual friends, this Friday night?  Sign Ups are below and you can join in knowing that you're accomplishing some of those crafty bits you want to get done, in the comfort of your own home, with all your supportive virtual friends.....and you may even win this month's prize (but more of that tomorrow!)

Sign up, log it in your diary and let everyone know you're busy stitching this Friday night.....can't wait to see you there!
xox Sugary hugs :o)