Monday 22 February 2021

Our February Winner, Compliments of Kitty Rose Cottage

I'm a little late drawing the winner today as I have been looking at and I'm in awe of all the beautiful work everyone has been posting, both here in Blogsville and in the FB world.  Having two areas now has certainly increased our numbers tenfold, but don't despair, bloggers are, and will always be, the foundation of FNSI and I love having you visit Sugarlane, (even though I've been a bit slack over the past couple of years with posting -apart from our monthly get-togethers).  

I've been getting quite a bit of email pleading with me not to change FNSI to a totally FB format, saying it would be tragic for FNSI to move away. You see,  I've been hosting FNSI since 2017 (I think?), and we've built up a loyal group, stitching together over the years via the Blog and I just love what we have so I want to cherish and encourage it.  Blogging will always stay as the main home of FNSI  with the additional holiday venue of FNSI.FB aka Friday Night Sew In FaceBook.  Everyone will be able to pop onto the blog and link up to read what other bloggers have been up to and comment but will not be 'forced' into becoming bloggers.   All the main stuff will go on in this blog and the Facebook page will be for all, showing the highlights of everyone's Friday night.  Here on the blog is where the draws will take place, then they'll be announced over on the FB page, signups will be here, and reminders on the FB you see what I'm saying?

So please understand, the blog will be the mainstay of FNSI and if you choose to blog, you know where to come and everyone is ALWAYS welcome, but if you're definitely not into blogging, that's ok can get the highlights and still join in on FNSI.FB.   
Now, the prize this month provided by our lovely sponsor Kitty of Kitty Rose Cottage is just wonderful.

you can read all about it in the previous post HERE.

So let's see who our lucky winner is for February.......drumroll please........

Congratulations!!!!!   \o/ \o/ \o/ pop an email to me with your postal address and I'll have your prize sent to you direct from our fabulous sponsor, Kitty Rose from Kitty Rose Cottage.  A big thanks to Kitty! 

Have a fabulous week and big sugary hugs :o) xox

Tuesday 16 February 2021

February's Friday Night Sew In Sign-Up with a New Sponsor!

 Last month I cheekily suggested someone might like to sponsor our FNSI to support our group with prizes and in turn, receive massive, massive thanks and some advertising.

Although I was hopeful, I really didn't expect any response as everyone is in the same boat with this dreaded Covid, locking people in and making purse strings tight everywhere.   BUT, I received a phone call from a very much loved and dear friend who suggested she might just be able to help.

Introducing our new sponsor, KITTY ROSE from KITTY ROSE COTTAGE.

Many of you who are Tilda lovers and are part of the Tilda Lover's Club on FB have visited Kitty online for your Tilda Fabrics, to top up your stash of gorgeous seam binding, or purchase other necessary stitching supplies.   

Kitty also co-designs for and manages the monthly Little Box of Creativity, Lucy Boston Kits,  EPP 12" Mini Quilt Club, the Scrappy Sisters Stitching Club and  Fee's Around my Garden BOM.  

  So you can understand how I'm quite proud and honoured to have Kitty want to sponsor our FNSI with a prize each month when she's such a busy person herself.  Just goes to show how big her heart is!

 Our FNSI Facebook page is growing daily too and you can post there if you like but don't worry, our major focus will be on our blogs so FNSI will always remain here in the Blogosphere.

If you're not sure what FNSI is all about, pop up to the FNSI tab and have a read.  It's as much fun as you can have in your jammies on a Friday night with friends from all over the globe!.

I can't wait for Friday and I look forward to stitching with you! (and's always Friday somewhere in the world!) *wink* 

Sugary Sweet hugs xox :o)