Friday 20 May 2022

Last minute FNSI

 I’ve been in my own little whirlwind preparing for the Federal Government Election tomorrow, as I’m working in the role of Officer In Charge  (or OIC for short!) so I’ve been running around ensuring everything is organised for voting tomorrow.   I’ll be going to the hall in a town about half an hour away tonight to set up the hall and will be there again at 6.30 in the morning ready to start at 8am!   No. Rest for the wicked, they say!  So I may not have much time for FNSI tonight but boy, Sunday will be all mine to FNSI!

 It’s lucky Maria is on the ball! She reminded me today what day it is so here’s a quick post to link up tonight.  I’m looking forward to a belated FNSI to stitch with you all. ❤️

Sugary sweet hugs xox :o)