Wednesday 15 May 2024

May FNSI sign-ups and an April winner

 May!  M-A-Y....the 5th month of the year....out of 12.....nearly halfway!! Can you believe it?   I swear I was saying only yesterday that January was just around the corner and 2024 was going to be savoured!   I think it cheated and has put skates on....with jet propulsion!

Well I know if that's got you floored you'll find it hard to believe it's already FNSI time again! 

 Sign ups are below as usual, or in the Facebook group page HERE.  

If you're not a member yet, please pop over and sign up so you can see what everyone's up to in 'real' time.

Last month we had quite a few people join in.....     30, in fact!  It was a great group and there was lots of inspiration with oohs and aaahs heard all over Facebook!  We have a couple of new members....please welcome them as you browse through their pages.  Don't forget to go and check out my April sign-up blog post as it has the links to some bloggers who are not on wouldn't want to miss out on their beauties!  I can tell you, I'm inspired!

Well without further ado, The Wheel must do its job and pick the April winner of a $30 gift voucher at our wonderful sponsor...Kitty Rose Cottage

  I can tell you it will be hard to choose which items you're going to spend your voucher on!   There's so many beauties.   Pop on over ... the list of goodies never stops growing and changing! More Tilda loveliness than you can imagine.

Now for the draw.....


I hope you enjoy your prize Dzintra!! 

What will I be working on this Friday night?   I'm not sure yet!  

I've just finished my last blocks for my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt......101 blocks all traditionally pieced by hand....not sure if I'll do the sashing by hand.... still to decide colours!  maybe navy blue and red for the cornerstones, or maroon and pink?  not sure yet.  I think I'll have to dwell on that, unless you've got any suggestions???  Quilt blocks are mainly red, beige and blue French Generals with splashes of pink and cream. Their suggestion is brown sashing with muslin cornerstones and triangles but I have no brown in it whatsoever...other than the beige and that I think, is a little too light - maybe for cornerstones or setting triangles but not for sashing.  I think I'd need something 'bolder', don't you?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I'm off for a rest....lucky me got Covid as a Mothers' Day gift!  

It's the second time I've got it and this one hit with a vengeance!  I'm ok until I start doing something and then, whammy... it knocks me for a sixer. I haven't even felt like going in the sewing that's something!  
I'm through the worst of it I think, so hopefully I'll be back to work next week and back to civilisation. 

In the meantime, stay well and join us on Friday're always more than welcome, and you could win the monthly draw of a $30 gift voucher at Kitty Rose Cottage! *yaaay*

 Big sugary (virtually distant) hugs! xox :o)