Wednesday 16 November 2022

Sign-ups for November's FNSI and September/October winners Announced

 It never fails to amaze me how these months fly by.  So much so, my 'little newborn' grandson was up from Brisbane on the weekend to celebrate his first birthday!!!   

I know what you're seems like only yesterday we were waiting....waiting...waiting for
him to be born!' Yet here he already!

I can't wait for February when I have two weeks off to go and visit them.......that's when time can't come fast enough!

Talking about time not coming fast enough .... I'm sure you've been waiting patiently to see if your name was the winning one in either September or October prize draws!  So I'm not going to draw it out any longer.  

We had quite a few stitching along in September.  It always makes my heart sing when I see how we can all stitch together in different houses, in different states, countries, time zones, doing different things and it just doesn't matter!  We're all doing what we love.....together!  Such a special bond we've created thanks to technology. And thanks to Dawn at Kitty Rose Cottage for sponsoring our FNSI's.  She is just 'the bomb!' 

Make sure you pop by and visit her online shop..... she has the most amazing stuff, and there's new things all the time!

Our winner (or in this case, winners) for September is:     


The draw for October was a double one.....remember I missed a Friday and you all stitched and posted on Facebook anyway???  Well I counted those ones as well as the following weeks so most people had two chances to win (even though it only takes one!)   Our winner for October is....


If both of you could email or private message me your postal address, I'll make sure Dawn gets something wonderful off to you in the mail.  Woohoooooo!!!

Now, this month's FNSI sign ups are below OR on the facebook group page if you don't have a blog.  Remember, if you have a blog it's great to link here so we can all come visit you as is the original, and continued intention of FNSI.  Good luck, fingers crossed, and happy stitching!

Big sugary hugs xox :o)