Friday 27 July 2018

A FQS Remix - My DIY Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Recently I took up the opportunity to quilt along with the Fat Quarter Shop using one of their blog tutorial remixes.  The remixes take old tutorials on the FQS blog and shake things up a bit by adding different fabrics and reviving them.....a bit of 'everything old is new again'!

I chose to make the DIY Infinity Scarf....something different to my normal quilty gift, but I thought I'd step out a little.  I haven't made anything to wear for years - I began sewing clothing when I was a teenager and then discovered quilting in my thirties and never looked back, so this journey was a bit of a 'remix' for me too!

I began with two yards of fabric, which will make two scarves or one with a strip of fabric left over.  You could piece two 22 in x WOF strips together instead of using 2 yards LOF if you wanted, depends on the look you want.

I decided to choose a small red trellis print which would go with lots of my clothing as I tend to do black, blue, white and denim quite a lot (I realised!).   My fabric choice was from an old range I had in my stash called 'Country Garden'.

Folding the fabric right sides together, I stitched along the long sides, making a long tube.  After pressing the seam, I turned the tube so that I had one side inside the other (still right sides together), I stitched around the end, leaving a 3 inch opening to turn the fabric through.
To finish, I slip stitched the opening closed.
Voila, 30 minutes or less and here is the finished Infinity Scarf.....

...and yes, I did model it...…
looks ok with denim, huh?

Now, these would be great to make for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts (yes it is sneaking up on us) or as teachers' gifts for end of year.  They'd be nice made up in linen, and in plain colours they'd be great accessories.  Keep in mind what your friends wear and choose fabrics to coordinate. You can really go wild!  
These are so quick and easy to make, I think I'm going to have to make a swaddle of them.....I just made that up.  I really don't know what the collective noun of scarves is!!

Now if you want to make some of your own, be sure to check out  THIS POST over on the Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber where you can get more details on the tutorial and loads more inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed my mini tutorial and it inspired you to give it a go.

xox Sugary hugs :o)

Wednesday 25 July 2018

a Christmas in July winner for FNSI

FNSI is always so much fun.....
I love the fact that we can be in all four corners of the globe and still get to stitch together and feel no pressure to 'perform' whatsoever and yet know we can progress on projects with the gentle encouragement of our cyber friends, don't you? 

I got a little bit done but was distracted with a movie I was watching called "The Mountain Between Us"
The movie is one with Kate Winslet and Idris Alba and is a 'plane-crash-in-the-mountains-survival-type' movie but I really enjoy those kinds. A bit of a chick-flick, feel-good, everything's right in the end movie.   If you like those sorts of movies too and you can get a hold of it, it's well worth the watch.
My progress for the night consisted of a bit more stitching on block 4 of my Fig n Berry Creations 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' stitchery.
I'm really enjoying stitching these blocks up in my two colours of Cottage Garden Threads.  I'm going to make sure I use a colour catcher when I eventually wash these as I know they are prone to running and seeing as I didn't pre-wash the cottons, I'm prepared for it *fingers crossed*. 

I also made an infinity scarf.  I'm part of a Fat Quarter Shop Quilt-a-long and I'll be sharing more on it later on in the week.  You can check out some photos on the FQS links on my Instagram page  HERE but here is the scarf I made....and it only took 30 minutes (truly!).
 and of course I'd have to model it...…. *insert icky face here* 
but seriously, I was really happy with how it turned out. Keep watching this space.... I'll tell you more about it on Thursday.   In the meantime, I'm sure you'd like to know who our winners are for this month's and last's FNSI? 

Catch up for me with prize draws, and seeing as it's July and despite not having drawn June on time, I thought we could do both with the Christmas in June/July theme.  
June's draw...…… wait for it...……
And the winner is... Narelle - Qld, Aus!!
Congratulations Narelle, your prize is...…..
A gorgeous Christmas pattern by Marg Low called "Christmas - A time for Giving".  I hope you enjoy it! 

Our July winner is...…
And the winner is... Sue H in USA!!
Thanks for joining in Sue and congratulations!  Your prize is.....

another Marg Low design called "Holiday Cheer".  A great one for gift giving, that's for sure!

Thank you all for joining in for another month's FNSI will be held on the 17th August with sign ups starting on  the 13th, so don't forget to pop the date up on the calendar. I'm already looking forward to it!

xox sugary hugs :o) 

Tuesday 17 July 2018

FNSI sign ups for July

You know what I'm thinking don't you?   WHERE DID THAT TIME GO?????

Yes I have been caught up with my son, who is still doing well, so well in fact he has increased his work hours, has a promotion to kitchen manager and is up for a pay rise.  He's moving back to Townsville next week, has organised a unit of his own and now  has a fridge, washing machine, microwave and lounge which will be delivered when he moves in.

He is still seeing his psychologist weekly,  psychiatrist monthly and mental health nurse whenever he feels he needs to talk,  but they, along with us, are all so happy with his improvements.   He still has his moments, but it is all looking upwards so all I can say is, for the grace of God and the many prayers I've said and you may have said on our behalf.....

This past week I've been down with the flu or a virus or something.  I went to work last Saturday and by that night, the tickly throat and itchy ears began to emerge.  By the next morning I was so lethargic and feeling lousy that I didn't leave the lounge much for 4 days.  Although I'm much better I still have some tiredness and muck in my chest.....and then these weird things appeared on my hand the other day and a few smaller ones on my tongue today.  I don't know what they are.... almost like shingles?!
These have progressively gotten worse over the past few days and are not itchy but super sore to touch.  My boss seems to think it's a 'hot spot' for the virus coming out of my system....I really don't know.  We'll see in time I guess, but it is a pain, literally!

So with all that happening, I've been a little late in posting our FNSI sign ups...thank goodness for Rike reminding me on Insta today!

Here it is, with the promise there will be two draws this for June and one for July.   Hopefully life will settle a little now and I'll get back in the rhythm of it all *fingers crossed*.

As I've left it a little later than normal, it would be great if you could share the FNSI button and link on your social pages to help me get some involvement as we all know how much fun and inspiration it is, looking at everyone's Friday Night favourites!  That would be amazing!

Off to make another warm cup of lemon and honey tea before bed.....
xox sugary hugs  and sweet dreams :o)