Tuesday 23 March 2021

A March Winner

Hi all,
thanks for joining in to our Friday Night Sew In get together last week....I love how social media has made it so easy for us to 'be' together whether we're in the same room, the same state, the same country or in a totally different time zone!      

Ten years ago or so, when I first began blogging and took that tentative step into the big unknown world, being able to 'meet' with others and talk to new people with similar interests was so liberating (and still is!) particularly if you're in a small country town, isolated from groups in the big cities.   Now with the added plus of  social media, it is far more 'instant' and it feels like  you're right there with each other, regardless of where you are!     I've met so many beautiful people who have now become close friends because of both blogging and social media and I feel just so blessed, thanks to you all!!  *mwah*
One of my very closest friends was my very first commenter on my blog and she has now become FNSI's major sponsor.....

Kitty Rose Cottage is a wonderful little online shop......Kitty Rose has a beautiful array of  Kits, Clubs, Stitch-A-Long Packs, Fabrics and Sewing Essentials that she uses and recommends herself. It is the home of the Little Box of Creativity, a monthly surprise ingredient box to make a lovely sewing item and is also a stockist for Tilda.   Check out these gorgeous little bunny purse frames she has.......

aren't they divine!!!!??? But you'll need to be quick.....these bunnies are hopping out the door! 

And don't think that because you live overseas you can't shop with Kitty....not only does she offer $7 Flat Rate Shipping within Australia (Tracked), she welcomes International Buyers and offers competitive International Postage Rates.

Kitty Rose (aka Dawn) is not only a creative and talented designer, she's a truly wonderful person with a heart of gold and will go out of her way to help you, so if you're looking for something special, just pop over to her shop and ask.   She'll be only too happy to help.
Have a look at what she's provided for this month's FNSI prize!

A beautiful English Paper Piecing mini quilt kit complete with pattern, epp shapes, tilda fabrics, background and threads.  I told you she is a generous, kind-hearted soul didn't I?   

Let's jump right in and see who our lucky winner this month is.   We had 33 lovely ladies join with us from all over the world so without further ado.....here we go........well, maybe not!  I've video-ed the draw but for some reason it won't upload and I have been trying for the past two hours!!!!  grrrr. 

It  worked perfectly last month so I don't know what the issue is!  All I know is, I'm not happy with it.
However, them's the breaks and the alternative is a photo of the draw!   So, who is our winner this month?????

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  make sure you drop us a line with your postal address and details and I'll let Kitty know so she can post your parcel off pronto!

Have a wonderful rest of the month.
Big sugary hugs xox :o)

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Friday Night Sew In sign-ups

 Good evening.....a little late for me but I thought I'd better get this post up and running....after all, it is Tuesday already!  Where do these days go?

I have been managing a little stitching, but not as much as I'd like as I have an avid little attention seeker who loves to sit on my lap or tap my foot with his paw to let me know it's play time! 

Max is 10 months old and, like any 10 month old, he's ready to play from 6am in the morning till bedtime! 

But I have managed to squeeze in a little stitching.....catching up on this....

and finishing my first block of this.....

and finally getting this together and binding it tonight.....

Don't worry.....I have plenty to do this Friday Night!  What about you?  Have you got your Friday Night Sew In project ready yet?   

Make sure you sign up below and block our Friday night on your calendar as it's set aside for you, me and all our wonderful friends around the world!  And follow along on the Facebook page too.

Check back to see what our lovely sponsor Kitty Rose from Kitty Rose Cottage is offering as a prize for this month......she's been rather caught up with packing kits these last couple of days, but I know it's on her agenda.  She has some lovely Tilda Garden Life on pre-order and the coordinating chambrays are to die for!

So what are we waiting for?   Sign ups below!  Have a fabulous week and see you on Friday! 

xox Sugary hugs :o)