Thursday 14 May 2020

Fnsi sign ups during these weird times!

never mind what day of the week it is......what WEEK is it!???
Im so confused!  Thanks to Maria for reminding me!

here goes, without me wasting any more time .....  you know what to do.....*wink*

xox Sugary hugs :o)

Thursday 7 May 2020

Celebrating Mother's Day at Home

I've left it a little late this year, so I thought some quick Mother's Day gifts from my friend Matt
might help us all out a bit....
over to you Matt!

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, and this year it will undoubtedly be different.
There will be no large picnics in the park, open buffet cases at brunch or matinees at the movie theatre.
You’ll likely have to celebrate at home. 

To help you do that, Wikibuy created some fun Mother’s Day decorations and activity printables
to spice the day up and celebrate Mom.

Gratitude Door Hangers 

Moms don’t often get enough credit for all that they do. Now’s the time to change that!
Print off these door hangers and write a message of thanks or love on each one.
Hang them on as many door knobs as you have in your house and show Mom some love. 

Memory Photo Banner 

This craft makes use of old Polaroids or other photos lying around the house.
Gather up your old memories, write a special message about each one and hang them up on the wall
with a piece of string and some clothespins. 
(*post edit: wendy here!......These would even look particularly great and long-lasting printed on fabric don't you think!?)

Mom Baking Placemats 

While you’re spending a lot of time indoors on Sunday, you might feel the urge to bake.
After your sweet treats come out of the oven, place them on one of these placemats that have uplifting
Mother’s Day messages. (If you’re not celebrating Mother’s Day in person, bake some treats,
take a picture of the placemat and post it to Mom’s social media pages!) 
*post edit:(Wendy again!!! What do you think about printing these on fabric and bordering them in Mum's favourite fabric picks????? *wink wink*)

Mom Trivia

From her least favorite smell to a time she met someone famous or her first kiss, learn more about Mom
with these trivia activities. They’re also perfect to play over video chat and will surely lead to an
interesting story time! 
I hope you're staying safe and finding something to smile about during these scary times.
I think I'm going to try a couple of these for Mother's day this year.  Particularly the last one.  I've found with losing older family members it's really great to be able to have some 'history' to the family and it's too late (or really difficult!) once they've passed.

I hope you enjoyed our special guest post today and if you pop over to check some of these out, say Hi to Matt for me!?
Take care and.......
xox  big smooshy sugary hugs from me! :o)