Tuesday 21 February 2017

FNSI...take two...aaaaachooo!

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes after my 'crumble in a heap' moment last night.    I really was feeling like my plug had been pulled out.  I think caring for a sick son, supporting a newly unemployed husband and trying to keep up the daily routines just weakened my resolve enough for me to have to give in.

I must say though, there is nothing like a good sleep to rejuvenate and restart the batteries.  I'm feeling a lot better this morning and 'almost' ready to take on the world!  However if I'm honest with myself, I'm probably still only running on 70 percent, so I'm prepared to take it a bit easier today.

FNSI......seems the viral thing flowed through the group virtually too....poor Lin is not well and couldn't get to post her FNSI this month.....wishing you a speedy recovery Lin.  Why not pop over and visit her....nothing like a group hug to make anyone feel instantly better!  (I haven't had the chance to visit anyone much either so I hope everyone else is well.)
I did try to upload some photos on Saturday, when I felt reasonably ok, but my photo editing program didn't want to play nicely so I couldn't show you anything.  So here we go.....

I started with some free motion quilting.....one of those finishes I've promised myself I'll get around to  'one day'.  A deadline approaches so it seemed as good a time as any. (nothing like working under pressure!)
I can only show you the back though.....a secret for now.....but not for long! *wink*
A finish was also in the air.......
Yep, it's done....now just to be professionally framed......but this will have to wait for now.  So proud of this one.
I finished off my Friday night by preparing some papers for hexi making.  Nice and easy and resourceful too as I use all the little subscription cards that come with the American quilting magazines....they just seem to be the perfect weight.

I love my Fiskars 1 inch hexi punch.  Makes life so much easier (and quicker too)... and I know my hexis will all be the same.  Do you have a special trick for making your hexi papers?
Now you've seen mine, I must go and see yours......you can too, just pop back to the links on this page.

We had 37 lovely stitchers on Friday night at our virtual gathering.  Mr RNG had fun picking a number to win this lovely prize.....

I wonder who it will be........here we go..... roll the dice....(well the RNG anyway!) ......
CONGRATULATIONS TO.................

and thank you to everyone who joined in this month.  You can visit them all HERE.   The March FNSI will be on the 17th so lock it in now, I'm sure I can find a great St Patrick's Day prize!

xox Sugary hugs :o)

Monday 20 February 2017

FNSI update

I apologise to all.....I was expecting to draw the FNSI prize tonight but I feel absolutely "shagged" as I've had a viral infection developing over the last week and it's hit me today. Ears are throbbing, throat is sore and just want to sleep.   

I'm popping off to bed and I'll do the draw in the morning.  I can show you a quick peek of my FNSI and I'll expand on it tomorrow. 

Hold tight.......I'm sure I'll be better in the morn!  Thanks for your patience. 

Xox Sugary Hugs :o)

Monday 13 February 2017

February FNSI: ♥ Love is in the Air ♥

Yes, I started singing too!

Love is in the air this February and I'm singing because (a) it's Valentine's week, (b) it's FNSI sign up time and (c) I have a prize already organised for FNSI this week!  Triple whammy for me..YAY!
So, being Valentine's Day tomorrow and FNSI this week, the prize is obvious isn't it?  something themed around LOVE perhaps?
YEP!  Two gorgeous fat quarters and matching threads to create something beautiful for someone you love.  Wouldn''t it be lovely to win this month?
All you have to do is link up below and join us on Friday night for a blissful night of stitching and creating.....heck, you can even lounge in your heart-covered pyjamas eating all the valentine's chocolate you want...we won't judge!  AFter all, a bit of self-love is always called for!
If you're new to FNSI and still not sure of how it all works, click on the FNSI tab above and it will explain all. And don't forget to share on your blogs and social media.  The more, the merrier!

xox sugary hugs :o)

Monday 6 February 2017

Pay it forward, Pay it back...

Friday Night With Friends was supposed to be an all day self-indulgent session for me, however, there was washing, folding, a bathroom to clean, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping to be done, and by then it was 2pm.  I had some lunch, went into town to get the mail, came home and then sat down to start.....text message......

"Mum, can you do me a big favour?   Can you get a present for a friend's 21st?  I'll pay you back!"

Famous last words?!  So off I went, not knowing what on earth to get.   A few unreplied text messages later and I ended up at my favourite shop where I bought a gift voucher and a gorgeous photo frame for the birthday girl.

Needless to say, when the boy got home, the gifts got the stamp of approval, which shocked me no end. But I felt good.... there was my pay-it-forward deed for the day.

By this time it was 4 o'clock.  So much for my self-indulgency.  I turned on the tv and set up the dvd, picked up my cross stitch and started to stitch away, breathing deeply and satisfied I could now enjoy myself.   Half an hour or so later, hubby comes home...."what's for tea?"
Long story short, I did end up starting my FNWF on Friday night!  And here is my progress.....

I can honestly say I'm enjoying the process and loving how it's turning out.  I'm nearly there.....

I love spending my stitching time with my like-minded FNWF friends.  Thanks to Cheryll for another great night.  
....and if you're still wondering, no I haven't been paid back for the gift yet.....do you think I ever will? 

xox sugary hugs :o)

Thursday 2 February 2017

My Patch

This week has been a busy one in my patch, racing Nick around as his car needed repairing (yes, the new one!) .  Seems someone took a liking to it and wanted to get in....problem was the door was locked, so they tried to pry it open (in a very strange way)!

Six days old and it was off  to the smash repairers!  But he now has it back, as good as new and he's as happy as larry, although $600 out of pocket isn't much fun!
Hubby moved back home on Australia Day after finishing up his job. Long story but we spent two days moving stuff off the quarters on the property back to our house, and boy, did he accumulate some stuff after 13 months!  The house was bedlam!  I've spent a few days culling and sorting....the tuppaware cupboard is now thinned out and tidy, as is the pantry.  Slowed up my decluttering by a week or so, but it's still getting there, and I feel like I'm accomplishing 'something' anyway.  (and I'm getting used to having someone else in the house again, but I'm loving it.)
I've been preparing for our Let's Get Stitched retreat in Adelaide this March.  One of the items we need to make as a swap gift is one of Fee's Stitching Keepers.  The theme this year is Christmas, so I had some fun with FMQ and played a while....
Now to fill it with a few Christmas goodies and then it will be wrapped for some lucky person.  I hope they like it!

During my evenings, watching Married at First Sight (I know....I'm a sucker for this romance-with-a-twist reality program!), I've been catching up on this cross stitch.   It had been going gung-ho....... until I found I'd counted incorrectly (too many distractions maybe?) and although the stitches were ok, they didn't match up soooooooo, lots of backward un-cross stitch and starting again for FNWF this week.  
Will you be joining Cheryll and the girls for FNWF this week too?

 Sign up with me...it's always fun.  I'll be restitching this l'il birdie and hopefully getting some more done.  I have Friday off, so I plan to start E-A-R-L-Y with the help of a few good movies I've been meaning to catch up on.

What's been happening in your patch?

xox Sugary hugs :o)