Wednesday 14 December 2022

Our last FNSI for 2022

 Yes it's's our last FNSI for 2022 and if you're like me, you're still stitching up last minute gifts (or thinking of what gifts you can quickly but beautifully make that will impress even the fussiest recipient!).

 I've popped a few links below to help with ideas if you're swamped and feeling overwhelmed...I hope they help you get things organised for our Friday night get together and get you ticking things off your 'to do' list!?

Firstly, the Fat Quarter Shop has some lovely last minute gifts to make on their Jolly Jabber page

These cute little hooped ornaments are one of the gifts on the Jolly Jabber and are designed by Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner.

Or you could pop by Treasurie where there is a list of 27 gift giving ideas you could make for anyone in your gifting list including this sleep mask....

One of my favourite places is the All People Quilt site....I love these Jolly Holiday Pillows, don't you?

I love this idea for our little ones to encourage reading.......

and these are great for the men in our lives (or the teens)......

and this is something I'd LOOOOOVE......what a fabulous idea!!!  

And I found them all here along with 17 other Easy-Sew Christmas Gifts at Happiest

I hope that gives you a few ideas.  My list has probably become longer now!!!  I'll be preparing for next Christmas I think!!  So join with us on our last FNSI for 2022.  Sign ups are below and if you post on your blog or over on our Facebook page, you have the chance to win a great prize from our wonderful sponsor (and one of the best friends anyone could wish for) Dawn, from Kitty Rose Cottage.  Head over to her shop and see what she has.... always something happening there and stock (and specials) are changing up regularly!

Hope to see you Friday!  
happy stitching and big sugary hugs xox :o)

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Sign-ups for November's FNSI and September/October winners Announced

 It never fails to amaze me how these months fly by.  So much so, my 'little newborn' grandson was up from Brisbane on the weekend to celebrate his first birthday!!!   

I know what you're seems like only yesterday we were waiting....waiting...waiting for
him to be born!' Yet here he already!

I can't wait for February when I have two weeks off to go and visit them.......that's when time can't come fast enough!

Talking about time not coming fast enough .... I'm sure you've been waiting patiently to see if your name was the winning one in either September or October prize draws!  So I'm not going to draw it out any longer.  

We had quite a few stitching along in September.  It always makes my heart sing when I see how we can all stitch together in different houses, in different states, countries, time zones, doing different things and it just doesn't matter!  We're all doing what we love.....together!  Such a special bond we've created thanks to technology. And thanks to Dawn at Kitty Rose Cottage for sponsoring our FNSI's.  She is just 'the bomb!' 

Make sure you pop by and visit her online shop..... she has the most amazing stuff, and there's new things all the time!

Our winner (or in this case, winners) for September is:     


The draw for October was a double one.....remember I missed a Friday and you all stitched and posted on Facebook anyway???  Well I counted those ones as well as the following weeks so most people had two chances to win (even though it only takes one!)   Our winner for October is....


If both of you could email or private message me your postal address, I'll make sure Dawn gets something wonderful off to you in the mail.  Woohoooooo!!!

Now, this month's FNSI sign ups are below OR on the facebook group page if you don't have a blog.  Remember, if you have a blog it's great to link here so we can all come visit you as is the original, and continued intention of FNSI.  Good luck, fingers crossed, and happy stitching!

Big sugary hugs xox :o)

Wednesday 21 September 2022

FNSI, Take Two for September....

 I'm so sorry I totally missed last week.  I look forward to FNSI every month, but this month certainly snuck up and bit me on the you-know-what!  Thank goodness we love sewing so much as I'm sure you won't mind repeating last week's FNSI with me this week?

I noticed lots of friends stitched along anyway and I saw lots of lovely things being posted in the Facebook group.  If you're not a member, sign up with us and if you are but missed out, pop by the group and have a look.   If you joined in our 'pseudo-FNSI' last week, I'll add your names to our prize draw this week.

I have finally finished my "Heartstrings" quilt, designed by Natalie Bird of  Birdhouse Patchwork Designs.  It took me quite a while as there was stitchery, EPP, piecing, and needleturn applique and the pieced blocks around the final border are 3" squares!!  Smallest border I think I've ever done but, gee it was worth it .... I LOVE it!
I used Tilda 'Windy Days' fabric range.  I love how it's turned out. Now just to quilt it and bind it...not sure what colour binding .... any ideas??
I'm working on a new project good friend Pami Green's (of My Rosebud Studio) quilt design "Angelica".  I loved it from the first moment I saw it and just had to get onboard.   I'm doing it as a BOM through the quilt store where Pami works - The Patchwork Angel.  

 I'm using Tilda again but the last ranges....'√áhic Escape' and 'Daisyfield' which I bought from our fabulous FNSI sponsor, Dawn of Kitty Rose Cottage. These are my most favourite Tilda fabrics so far (but I say that every time!!).  I know Dawn has a little bit still in her store so pop over to add some to your stash.  
Just a bit of needleturn on the chain block (which I think I'll do at FNSI *wink*!) and then I'll be waiting in anticipation for block two.

Now I think it's time to draw a winner from last month's FNSI.  Thanks again to Dawn for sponsoring the prize each month.  I can honestly say her prizes are most generous and everyone who's won one has commented as such.  Good luck to you all....and with fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed, here goes........
and the winner is.......

I'm sure Dawn has a very special prize to send off to you Karen, so if you could just message me with your postal details, I'll pass that on ASAP!  wheeeeeeee!

Don't forget to join up below or just post a photo of your Friday night foray in our Facebook Group.  Those of you who were crafting last Friday night will be in the draw too, so if you join this week as well, you'll have TWO entries!!!  

Have a fabulous day's Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Holiday here in Australia, so sewing will be done with such a wonderful selfless woman in mind.

Big sugary hugs :0)

Thursday 18 August 2022

Friday night Sew In and some winners....finally!

Can you believe it's time already for our virtual get-together??  It comes around so quickly, and for that I am grateful!  I always love knowing I'm not stitching alone, even though I'm bunkered down in my lounge room with all I need to keep me going with a good movie playing and a cuppa and chocolate!   I can appreciate that we're all doing our thing, together...It's great, isn't it?
But firstly,  I need to catch up on some overdue prize draws.  You ladies have been super patient with me and I know that Kitty Rose has some wonderful prizes just waiting to be sent out to the lucky winners for May, June and July. (oops, how did I let that many slip??)
Here goes.... firstly May.  We had 23 lovely ladies joining together in May and we had some beautiful projects happening to inspire us.  Our winner for May is:

(don't know what happened to my photo and how it became blurry but you can still see the winner!)

In June we had a whopping 28 joining in.  Our lucky winner for June is:

and Finally July where 22 wonderful friends got together to stitch the night away.  Our winner for July is:

Congratulations to all three of our lovely winners.   Pop me a message with your postal address and I'll have Miss Kitty Rose aka Dawn, send out your prizes.
Now, without further are the sign ups for this month's stitch in (tomorrow night! *eek* it comes around so quickly!)
have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow!
big sugary hugs xox :o) 


Friday 15 July 2022

Better get my groove on.....FNSI Sign ups

 So sorry for the late sign ups! 

I've been sick with a sinus infection that spread to my throat and ears and have been feeling very lethargic.  I'm ok though but have been sleeping more than normal.  Thanks to Catherine  and Maria for the heads wonderful that have friends who remind you when your head's all clogged up with boogers!  It's definitely not covid though...I've tested and my crusty nose attests to it!

I worked on a new quilt panel last weekend for my gorgeous lil grandson who, would you believe, is 8 months old already!!!  Look at those toothy-pegs!   Mr B had bought the panel on his way back from a work trip away....he actually stopped into a little quilt shop in Childers and bought it for me to make up for our boy!  I didn't add much....just free motion quilted it and added a binding.  I sent it a long with a 'resoftable' Thomas the Tank Engine's made entirely of recycled soft drink bottles...but soft and cuddly.....very clever.   Ryker loves trains so he took to it like a duck to water and making the quilt with double wadding, I think that it's going to get a lot of use too this winter!  

Lots more to show you but for now I'll put up sign ons as I know we're all chomping at the bit to begin!  Remember you can sign on here or just connect through the facebook FNSI group...either way you'll go into the draw to win a prize from our lovely sponsor, Kitty Rose Cottage.     I have a few to draw and will do that on Monday so I'll post winners then.  In the meantime, pop on over and have a look at the beauties in the shop.   I've ordered my Little Box of Magical Christmas and the Walton Garden BOM is calling my name!

Looking forward to stitching along with you tonight and fingers crossed for your name to be drawn! 

Big sugary hugs xox :o)

Wednesday 15 June 2022

It's Friday Night Sew In aka FNSI again!

 Doesn't it come around quickly??

It's just a quick post this time to let you know it's time for FNSI and sign ups are below.  We have a few newbies joining us this month and I'd love to welcome them to our wonderful group and wish them the best of luck. You never know who might win the prize each month, sponsored by the lovely Dawn at Kitty Rose Cottage.

Kitty Rose Cottage sells all things Tilda and is very competitive on mailing costs with $7 flat rate shipping within Australia (tracked) for all orders under $150 and International buyers are catered for with very competitive International postage rates.     Pop on over and see what's in the shop!

So our newbies know how our FNSI works, jump on the FNSI page HERE .

And now for the sign below with your blog name or just pop along in our Facebook group.

Sweet dreams and sugary sweet hugs.....see you Friday night xox :o)

Friday 20 May 2022

Last minute FNSI

 I’ve been in my own little whirlwind preparing for the Federal Government Election tomorrow, as I’m working in the role of Officer In Charge  (or OIC for short!) so I’ve been running around ensuring everything is organised for voting tomorrow.   I’ll be going to the hall in a town about half an hour away tonight to set up the hall and will be there again at 6.30 in the morning ready to start at 8am!   No. Rest for the wicked, they say!  So I may not have much time for FNSI tonight but boy, Sunday will be all mine to FNSI!

 It’s lucky Maria is on the ball! She reminded me today what day it is so here’s a quick post to link up tonight.  I’m looking forward to a belated FNSI to stitch with you all. ❤️

Sugary sweet hugs xox :o)

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Four lucky winners today for our FNSI/EWSI.....are you one of them?

How was your Easter break?  Did you manage to squeeze in some Easter traditions,....some yummy hot cross buns and of course, chocolate over our stitching weekend?  Did you manage to get away for a well deserved break or like me, did you just relax at home soaking up the peace and reflecting on the reason for Easter?

I love being able to just stop and breathe, without having 'hundreds' of jobs to be done before I start the rat race all over again.  But that would be the same as all of you, wouldn't it?  I do love to be busy;  working gives me purpose and makes me feel satisfied but there's nothing like stopping every now and then for some well deserved calmness just to reset the mind and body.

And that's what our stitching weekend did for me....I hope it had the same effect for you?

Before I show you what I got up to, I have to draw winners for February and March. 

Our wonderful and generous sponsor, Dawn of Kitty Rose Cottage has been waiting patiently for me to get my act into gear so she can post these beautiful prizes out, soooooooo, no mucking about've waited long enough for goes:
Ta da Ta daaaaaah....

From the 32 stitchers who joined with us in February, either in our Facebook Group page or in  blogs, Our February Winner was drawn and she is..........

    DIANNE MARCHESINI......congratulations lovely!  
I'm sure you'll love the special treat Dawn has in store for you.

Now for our March winner............drumroll please............26 joined with us in March but we could only draw one..........
    congratulations to PINK ROSE!  
 Another fabulous winner who will get to enjoy a lovely prize from our awesome sponsor!

I was keen to put my Birdhouse 'Heartstrings' quilt together but only got as far as handpiecing and stitching the centre panel, but I'm quite happy with that.

I love all things designed by Natalie Bird....she's an amazing Aussie designer and this one really caught my eye.  I've been using my Tilda "Windy Days" fabric range for the EPP and even though I hadn't been organised enough before I started to think of what threads I should use to match the range, it still works beautifully.

I used my Sewline fabric marker to draw the grid lines for placement of my dresdens.  I've never had much luck with the blue water markers...they always seem to  're-appear' for me, but the Sewline markers are made especially for fabric and work a treat, especially when you use the Sewline eraser pen which just makes the lines disappear before your very eyes! 

I did get the inner border stitcheries cut to size and their sashings but haven't yet stitched them together, my 'helper', Mocha was interested to see what I was up to so I never got as much done as I'd planned, sooo...that's a job for the next long weekend which is coming up in .....two days!!  Aren't we lucky here in Australia with all these holidays one weekend after the other?  Although I won't be taking it for granted as it's a very important public holiday, celebrating our Anzacs who fought for our freedom.

Now it's time for our special EWSI draw....I did promise there would be two lucky who will receive a fantastic prize from Dawn and another who will receive a special gift from 'moi', just to say thank you for putting up with my lacksy-daisy organisation of our get-togethers....I do get there but life often gets in the way! 
I don't know what Dawn has up her sleeve for a first prize but my supplementary prize for someone special is this....

one of Natalie Bird's Birdhouse patterns, the 'Blooming Lovely' pincushion and some scrappy Tilda fabric to make it!  'squeeee'.....The picture is just indicative of what you might get in the way of fabrics but I'll put some together so that you can make the gorgeous pincushion ...and I might even find some threads to throw in too so you can stitch the design without having to wait! Isn't that exciting???
Let's just see who our two lucky winners are....the coveted First prize from Kitty Rose Cottage goes to......

HELEN McCULLOCH........wheeeee! 
 Congratulations Miss Helen!

And the supplementary prize provided by me goes to .....

ANORINA MORRIS.......woohoooo!!! 
Congratulations to you too Miss A!   

And a special thank you to all of you for joining don't know how much pleasure it gives me being able to stitch along with you all.   Being in a remote-ish, rural area in far North Queensland away from many of my stitching pals, there isn't much opportunity to join in with others so I'm grateful to you all, every single month.....THANK YOU! mwah!  (If only I could give everyone a prize!!!)

have a wonderful week, or what's left of it and from me to you,
Big Sugary Hugs always xox :o)