Friday 21 December 2018

our final fnsi for 2018

Silly season doesn't come close to describing this time of year...….just doesn't cut it!  Let's calm down, breathe and have our last FNSI for 2018...….I wonder how many of you will join with me and agree...…..
I can't begin to explain what an extraordinarily difficult year this has been but here's to 2019 and all it has to look forward to.  In the meantime, join with me tonight with our last FNSI....I know it's late but, what the heck.  Join with me in a little friendly virtual sewing with a glass or two of celebratory bubbles, clinking them in recognition of what we've actually got through.
So sign up below and join me for a heartfelt evening of sewing bliss.
(thanks to my wonderful friend, Cheryll for the reminder *eek*  told you it's been one helluva year!)
xox Sugary hugs ;o)

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Our Second FNSI for November....sign up to join in

Yes, you read it right....we are having TWO Friday Night Sew Ins for November, for a few reasons....

1. it's a 5-Friday month and it was too long to wait
2. next month's will be the 21st and many will be too busy with Christmas preparations
3. if you're anything like me there are sooo many projects to catch up on before Christmas
 and 4.  because it's always fun to sew with friends!

After this one, there'll be a double prize draw for TWO lucky prize for someone from last week's friends and one for this week's.  .I'll find something just perfect!  So make sure you sign up below, no cost, no obligation, just fun to be had knowing you're spending your Friday night stitching it up with friends online together.

I didn't get much done last Friday night.....I worked all day and then had to prepare myself for work on Saturday.....I was knackered!  But I did get some stitching done.....

...more on my Fig'n Berry's "T'was the Night Before Christmas" blocks.  I'm up to block 8 so only one to go before I can piece it together.  I doubt it will see this Christmas' festivities but it's sure going to come close!

Mr B and I, along with Mrs B-in-law, had an 'engagement party' to go to on Sunday afternoon, down on the beautiful foreshore at Airlie Beach.  Turned out, it wasn't an engagement party at all, but a 'surprise' wedding (but we figured that out early on, thank goodness). 

Lucky the father of the groom let it slip a few months back so we were well prepared with gift in hand and accommodation booked ahead.  We were lucky to witness Mr B's cousin marry his beautiful fiancĂ©, but I'll leave the photos for later in the week.  Needless to say the weather was beautiful and we had a magnificent time.
Can you tell????   Can't wipe the smiles off our faces!

Don't forget, sign up below to be included in our FNSI and the prize draw.  Can't wait to 'double whammy' our Friday nights with stitching with my online friends!

xox sugary hugs :o)

Thursday 15 November 2018

Two FNSI for November before Christmas....sign ups open

Okay, I'm sorry!  I had planned that as this week is a 5-Friday month, I'd have FNSI next week and it's confused a number of people who have been asking me where the sign ups are, as THIS week is the actual third Friday week of the month.

I thought about it and it all became clear to me.....seeing as it's a five Friday month AND it's the last month before Christmas, we'll have TWO  FNSI' this week and one next for those that can make it at short notice!
  I'll pop the sign up links below and we'll have one next week as well.....with TWO lots of prizes (but I'll announce them both after next week's FNSI)

So, link up below and I'll see you tomorrow night for our first FNSI for the month! Yippeeeeeee~

xox Sugary hugs :0)

Tuesday 23 October 2018

An October FNSI Winner

Just a quick one today as I'm keen to get back to the She Cave/Shed/Room/Den!  I've never felt so 'at home' in a sewing room until this one....maybe I'm channelling Nick (as it's his old room)?
I did get another Fig'n'berry Creations stitchery finished on Friday night, which was really rewarding...only two left now before I can put it together....might even get it done for Christmas? *fingers crossed*

I'm loving that it's done in only two variegated  Cottage Garden Thread colours.  I will have to find some  fabric that lends itself to them and complements them rather than takes over.  Maybe a small Christmas print?  That's for tomorrow me to worry about!
How about a draw then?

Thanks to all the ladies who joined with me for FNSI on Friday night....we had a ball.  If you haven't visited to see what we got up to, visit the links HERE...their doors are always open and I know you're always welcome!
Our winner this month will receive some Cosmo threads with a matching Henry Glass fat quarter.  Halloween colours/Indigenous style/summer/sea themed...

...thought it was quite appropriate with our visit from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex this past week visiting my old stomping ground of Hervey Bay and Fraser Island!  I grew up there in the late 70's and early 80's and some of my family still live there. A truly beautiful place.

Here goes......Mr RNG says:
Congratulations  \0/  MICHELLE  \0/
I really hope you love that prize. 

Now, I best get back to the She Shed...Lots to catch up on before my boy visits tonight! 
xox Sugary hugs :o)

Monday 15 October 2018

October FNSI sign ups

Seems all I ever post about this year are FNSI details!  That WILL be changing.  Now things are getting back on track, I'm spending more time organising my sewing 'cave' aka 'the She Shed' - aptly named by Mr B!, and I plan on working through my ufo's and getting back to designing again.   Long term projects but I need to focus and the time is right.

Welcome to my new 'She Shed'
It's a panoramic view but I'll take you through it...
 It's nowhere near complete but I'm taking it steady..bit by bit.  I started with a pile in the corner before I'd started to set up the room.  I purchased a Horn sewing cabinet from a friend which I've set up in the corner with the ironing station behind me.  My cutting table/lightbox area against the window with storage below and the wardrobe, I've managed to take two of the doors off the hinges and I will be putting more shelves in there to store my fabric stash.

Mr B bought me a mobile trim storage centre from Spotlight for my birthday so I put it together, playing handyman person.  I quite enjoyed it!

I even had offsiders willing to supervise for minimal wages....
It's coming together and Nick approves, even though he said he guesses this means he's not coming home to live anymore!
I've even had a play in the garden, something I haven't really had time for in such a while....
seeing as it's springtime here in the southern hemisphere, I've taken to repotting some straggly looking plants that my two little 'beasts' like to chew, hoping they recover, as well as fertilising, re-soiling and mulching my other ones.  
And finally, I've been working on a new goal this month.....raising funds for research to develop better treatments and find a cure for childhood cancer in the Great Cycle Challenge.   I set myself a goal of raising $500 and cycling 100km on my exercise bike during the month of far I've raised $787and ridden 79km so I'm pretty impressed.  There is a bit of pain in my knees and ankles but I figure that's nothing compared to what these poor kids go through.  
That's caught me up for a bit, now let's get onto the sign ups for this month.   October FNSI...I wonder if any of you will be 'Halloween stitching' for Friday night or are we all in the Christmas mode already?  Me?  I'm not sure much to do so I'll have to see where I'm up to in the She Shed!
In the meantime, lock Friday night into your diaries as a self indulgent FNSI and sign up down below.  I'm looking forward to it, are you?   

xox Sugary hugs :o) 

Tuesday 25 September 2018

TWO winners for FNSI

Thanks to all who offered their condolences, sympathies, love and hugs on the passing of my father (in-law).  I truly feel blessed to have a virtual family I can turn to when times get tough and I always know you'll all be there for me......the quilting family really is a unique one, don't you agree?  Love and hugs to you all.....only wish I could reach through the screen and give you big sugary hugs for real.  It really has meant the world to me.
Now, I was planning to post what I did on my FNSI,  BUT.....just my luck, I came down with a head cold - again!  The last time, not so long ago, it was one of the Influenza strains and it hit pretty hard....but this time, it was just a stubborn head cold.

Nothing pleasant about it though, blocked sinuses, ear canals and drippy, sneezy nasal passages don't make it any easier.  So I've mostly stayed home and slept and drank plenty of fluids, trying really hard not to rub my nose red raw (but we all know that doesn't work when you've got a cold!) and spread the lurgy.  So both Saturday afternoon, Sunday and yesterday, when I was going to post, I sat down at the computer and my head said ,"Nope!  Sleep!" so I went and rested a bit.  I'm feeling a fair bit better today, still congested but not as sleepy so I'd say I'm over the uphill battle and on the downhill stretch.
I did manage to get some stitching done on Friday night though.....
A bit more of this UFO  was stitched down.  Now just the windows and doors and stitching the details.....oooh, and the flower bouquet along the bottom to go.
….and then there was a bit more stitching on THIS project.....
Block 6 is nearly complete and only 3 left till I can put this baby together.  With Christmas only 3 months away (today!) *eek*, I'd better get a wriggle on.
I hope you had time to pop over to my last post and visit all my Friday Night stitching friends via their links?  If not, head back and have a look.....some beautiful eye candy there.

Time for a winner to be fact, TWO winners.  One from last month and one from this month. Each will receive one of these beauties.....
…..a pack containing 8 gorgeous colours of Cosmo stranded cottons and a piece of beautiful white linen onto which you can stitch whatever your heart desires.  I've stitched on it, it stitches like a knife through butter...the needle just glides through.  I'm sure our winners will love these!

Here goes.....
Our August winner was

and our September winner is
\o/ \o/ Congratulations to both of you!! \o/ \o/

I'll get those prizes off into the mail so you can start your stitchy projects for next month.

Speaking of which - FNSI for October will be on the 19th.  Pop that date in your diaries so you don't miss out.  It will be upcoming Halloween for our Northern friends.  I'm sure there'll be some spooky stitching happening next month - can't wait to see!
Until then, happy stitching and big sugary hugs  :o) 

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Sad Goodbyes and FNSI

I'm sorry this post is late.....I have good reason.   We buried my father in law last Tuesday and my mind just hasn't been with it.  He deteriorated quite quickly and (let's just say) was forced to move into the Aged Care Home which he didn't handle very well.
He moved on the Thursday 30th August, went into a coma on the Monday lunchtime, was transferred to the hospital Monday night and never recovered.  He passed away with family surrounding him on Wednesday 5th September at 5.15pm.  He was 45kg when he died....a mere shadow of the man we knew and loved.  Dementia is seriously the new 'cancer' eats away at a person until they are no longer there.  So much research needs to be done to understand this horrible disease that takes our loved ones, young and old.

I pray that he knows how much he was adored by his family.  When I married my husband, they 'adopted' me as their own, and the running joke was that he was the son-in-law and I was the daughter...…..I miss him terribly!
So this Friday night Sew In is in memory of Dad and all those who have suffered/are suffering from Alzheimers/Dementia, or any of the other forms of Dementia.  I feel for every single one of you dealing with it.   Just remember, the person is still there and still needs you, don't leave them alone.

Join with me in spreading the word.....

I'm Dementia Aware, are you?
 Add the above button to your blog or social media account to let others know how you feel. Make sure you add the link too so that we may all learn just that little bit more about Dementia.
Links for this week's FNSI are now live...….just sign up below and spread the word.  I hope you can join with me on Friday night and spread the love.  

xox big sugary hugs  :o)