Thursday 19 October 2023

October FNSI....can you believe it?

 Wow this calendar's on fast forward, I'm sure!

Probably because I've moved back home from living at Mum-in-law's house for the past 5 months and started a new job. Mum's doing well despite having a 'dicky knee' and I still pop around every couple of days to take her bins out, do her shopping and take her to appointments.  

 So sewing's taken a back seat, although I do try to do a little every day....for my sanity and everyone else's safety!!!  

The internet is playing nice this month so I'll post a couple of pictures to show you what I've been up to!

I've been catching up on some more of my Little Box of Creativity Kits.  I absolutely adore these kits.  If you don't know about them, pop on over to our beautiful sponsor's shop HERE and you can sign up for them too!

I also managed to squeeze in a FMQ class in Townsville with Bev McClune.  I can't recommend her highly enough...Her teaching style is just so easy, and she teaches to your level of experience.   I even got to play on a Sweet Sixteen so I feel much more confident using mine now! 

And I always manage to fit in a chat with my little man!!!!   Can you believe he'll be two next month???

Now to the nitty gritty......

It's Friday Night Sew In this Friday so you can sign up below or on our Facebook Group page.  If you're not a member yet just pop over and ask to join.... it's so easy, and you get to see what everyone's doing on Friday night as they're doing it!   It's the best 'stay at home' party ever!!!

Our winner from last month will be very happy with their $30 voucher from Kitty Rose Cottage I'm sure!   Tilda's 'Hibernation' range is now out so maybe you could put your winnings towards that? 

It's just adorable with it's little sleepy squirrels and fall inspired colour palette!!!!

Well the Wheel has spoken and our lucky winner for September is:........

Congratulations Karen...if you could swing me a PM with your email address, I'll pass it on to Dawn to get your prize to you!   

I"m about to go off to work so good luck and fingers crossed for Friday!

Big sugary hugs