Sunday 4 August 2013

FNWF and birthday wishes to go

Friday night at Chez’s  didn’t quite go to plan for me, as hubby decided to take me out for dinner…..again????  three Friday nights in a row?????  This HAS to be a record…but I’m definitely NOT complaining!!!!!!

But I did manage to get some stitching in…just a little…when we got home…..(thanks Chez for the encouragement!!!!!  Always love Friday nights with friends!!!!)

006 (Medium)

some more stitching on my Mrs Beasley’s BOM from the latest Vignette magazine…..don’t you just love those Tilda fabrics???

And then I woke on Saturday and thought, what the heck……it’s got to be Friday somewhere in the world….so my FNWF continued with……

007 (Medium)

….block 5 of my Aiming for Accuracy quiltalong with Michelle…it’s not too late to join us….you can get all the details if you click on the Aiming for Accuracy button on my sidebar….


I also managed to get some sashings put together on my Long Time Ago in Bethlehem quilt……which is causing me some mathematical headaches……who’d’ve thunk that adding a couple of extra inches in borders would alter the pattern so dramatically…..aargh!!!!!!!….

010 (Medium)

…….but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end!!!

**NOTE:  For all of those people who have been asking about block 1 of this wonderful stitch-a-long that was designed by Nataisha Curtin of Smee Designs and featured in Homespun magazine last year……you can purchase the original block pattern in the copy of the magazine from Zinio and within your purchase, there will be a link to the pattern page which you will need to download and print out… will take 4 pages so you’ll have to stick them together before you can trace them out…but it works… me!!!!!     Hope this helps out those of you who have been having problems!!!!!


the biggest and brightest  birthday wishes to a very special blogger and buddy extraordinaire…..


I wish I could bring you this and celebrate with you sweety…

it would be big enough for all the bloggers in the world to come and share with you in your hospital bed right now… see….Dawn is on the mend but she’s had a bit of a blood infection and has to spend some time in hospital and it just happens to be on her birthday!!!!! :(….but good news is, she’s on the mend……

I’m sure she’d love to get LOADS of birthday messages to make it extra special though….so why not pop on over to her blog and leave her a message……we’ll wear the battery out on her IPAD eh????? LOL

and at the end of the week, she’ll have a surprise for you….

a free BOM to share!!!!!  So pop on over and say Hi and wish her a speedy recovery on this special day!

Love you sweety!!!!!!

Hope you’re managing some stitching today…..I’m planning on working on some more Bethlehem sashings!!!!  after the washing and the cleaning and the lawn mowing and…….!!!!!!!

sugary hugs xox :o)

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Fiona said...

you did well Wendy..... lots of adorable projects

Allie said...

Gee, does hubby have a brother??? Lovely, lovely projects, dear Wendy, and thanks for the reminder about Dawn's birthday! Yikes spending in hospital is not good! XOXO

De said...

Way to go Miss Wendy! Mathematical headaches are the worst.....and this fabric stuff was supposed to be easy :)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said... all your projects are amazing...

Wendy said...

Your stitching and sewing looks beautiful, lovely projects. I hope you are winning with your sashings :) hugs Wendy xx

Anonymous said...

lovely post Wendy.xx

Lyn said...

Lots of lovely stitching to show us..

Maria said...

LOL I love to stich-a-long on the Saturday as I follow quiet a few ladies in the Us and they sew on our Saturday...
I am sure you have worked out your borders now and I look forward to seeing the wall hanging finished.
will pop over to visit Dawn.

e said...


My husband's idea of eating out - going and getting it and eating at the dining room table :) Hope you enjoyed it.

Your quilts are gorgeous. I LOVE Tilda fabric. Unfortunately, I haven't found anywhere near me to purchase it so I've had to do international. Not the most economical way to get fabric, but when it's all that will do.....

And yes, it was Friday here in the U.S. :)

Farm Gate Creations Incorporating Hummingbird Quilting said...

Gorgeous projects, they are all coming along nicely.

Unknown said...

great posting of latest-birthday-wishes