Sunday 11 August 2013

Ooooops and Double Woopsie!!!!

Has it REALLY been a week since I’ve posted?????  … and how on earth did I miss the posting deadline for block 8 of the “Seasons Of” BOM?????   Is it really the 11th?????  

OOOOPS!!!!!    a thousand apologies….I don’t know where this week has gone….

Prhaps it had something to do with …..proofreading designs, drawing and tracing new designs, emails and phone calls, getting new tyres, emptying freezers and cleaning fridges, cleaning ….and I mean CLEANING the house…..with all the cane trash and dust around, everything is filthy dirty and covered in a film of black dirt and ash…….vacuuming, mopping, attending a movie premiere, doing some volunteer work, Cancer Council meetings, shopping, banking, collecting mail (we don’t have delivery), washing….(why does it never end???), trimming trees now that springtime is on it’s way, mowing the lawn, watering the yard and garden,  going to a local craft show (more about that later), cooking for some stitchy friend’s visit tomorrow *wink*, doing a little bit of stitching, finishing off a long term project (more about that later too) and working on the Bethlehem quilt (it’s getting there!)……and that’s only half the week!!!!  

Phew……well at least now I know I have a reason….although I should set an alarm on my phone to tell me NOT to miss the 10th!!!!!!  You think I’d learn??!!! LOL

Anyway, the next “Seasons Of” block is this one…….

IMG_1358 (Medium)

This is a Dawn Hay Design and we’ve called it “Spring is Coming” as it’s starting to warm up now and all things ‘nature’ are starting to make a move!  I just love Dawn’s designs…..and this one is so sweet!  Makes me want to get out in the garden some more! 

This is a free block that you will find, like all the previous ones, on my sidebar under the ‘Seasons of’ button……just click on the link and you can download them and use them, either in the quilt blocks I’ve designed, or perhaps as a stitchery to use on a bag or mug rug, table runner or wall hanging….the possibilities are endless!   And don’t forget to go and tell Dawn how much you love it too……she’s got more freebies coming up on her blog too!!!!

OOOOOOPS and DOUBLE OOOOPS!!!  When I went to download the block design to my sidebar, it’s missing from my folders on my computer…EEK……I’ve just been looking for the past half an hour and cannot find it ANYWHERE…….so I’ll be doing a quick rewrite……hold on tight….it’ll be on my sidebar…….SOON!!!!!!     But it IS a beauty and it WILL be worth the wait (as you can see!).

Phew, all fixed…….gorgeous Dawn sent the pattern through to me so I could add it for you, so it’s all live on the sidebar now!

Sugary Hugs xox :o)

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Maria said...

Phew!!!!! Pleased to read you are not bored. LOL

Anonymous said...

life is too busy Wendy,we try to fit so much into a day,take care.xx

Larissa said...

Wow girl!! And I thought I was busy!!! :) Keep up the good work sweetie!!! ... Love Dawn's design :) Thanks for the share!! Hugs xx

Marilyn said...

Phew !!! I am exhausted for you just by reading it. Its a bit scary when we put it in writing isnt it. Lovely design once again.
Have a great week, and dont forget to stop and "smell the roses".
Big hugs xxx

Marilyn said...

ps. and enjoy your day tomorrow with your stitchy friend - will be watching to see what you get up to together. hehe. xx

Anonymous said...

Goodness just reading what you've been up to makes me feel tired!Hope you have a more relaxing week this week x

Michelle Ridgway said...

Welcome to the exquisite world of designing..LOL! Dawn's block is just gorgeous. I can remember my Aunt doing the extreme cleaning over the cane burnoffs. Hope you have fianlly taken a big long breath :)

Anonymous said...

Good reason to read later in the day. =) Your life sounds exhausting! Love Dawn's block. Thanks for making it easy to find. I have a feeling that butterfly is going to show up on one of my hexagons in redwork.

Anonymous said...

Good reason to read later in the day. =) Your life sounds exhausting! Love Dawn's block. Thanks for making it easy to find. I have a feeling that butterfly is going to show up on one of my hexagons in redwork.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts Wendy.
Lovely inspiration.

retdairyqueen said...

Just got my copy of Patchwork and Stitching
Congratulations I got such a thrill when I saw your name on the top of the article/pattern
Well done and I love the washer A nice boyish touch

e said...

My list is equally as long, however, it sounds like you got your's done. I better get busy :) Take care of yourself. We missed you.

e said...

Sounds like a wonderful time eating, oh I mean, sewing at your house today :) How much persuading do I need to do to a recipe share? :)

Have a blessed day my good friend.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Hey ...slow the block...