Friday, 9 March 2012

Welcome visitors….

I’ve been feeling much better the last couple of days, thanks to the power of cold and flu tablets, rest and STITCHING!!!!!

I’ve made my set of blocks for the applique version of Dawn and my design I talked about here and it gives such a sense of achievement, even though I still have to do the second applique….

010 (Medium)

…here’s the first one done……

011 (Medium)

….but at least now, they’re ready to go!


I have been spending a bit of time cleaning up my work area too…..I’m one of those messy workers who pulls stuff out and leaves it out……has way too much stuff and nowhere to put it….no room is enough… know the type???

So….I bought myself some more of these plastic drawers to organise myself a bit better and have used the beautiful runner that Illene made me in Fee’s Advent Swap last year to adorn them.

012 (Medium)

There’s my big blue bucket of buttons that I love to delve into and run my fingers through as I pass through the doorway (I’m very tactile!!!), my lovely wooden chest with special treasures which has a glittery fish puppet (from my favourite picture story book….”The Fisherman and the Theefyspray” by Paul Jennings) sitting atop which I just can’t part with, and my hilarious Angry Birds doll that my wonderful bloggy friend Teresa sent me, just because! (We both have a massive addiction to the game!!!!)  It gives me a giggle every time I go past it!  If you squint, you might see the gorgeous owl pins that Amanda made for me, sitting in front of my Angry Bird……I just need to leave them out and look at them…they’re just so sweet!

You’ll notice some of the drawers are already bulging……I think I have a bit of a fabric addiction!!!!  Maybe I should work on using some more of it up!!!!!???


Yesterday was a bit of a rainy day…..our first real rainy day of the wet season….. a late start this year!

As I was cleaning the house, and preparing for visitors that are arriving today, I noticed this little fellow out the window in my neighbours’ backyard…

002 (Medium)

005 (Medium)

He’s a wild budgerigar… pretty……and so HUGE!!!!  I was surprised!!!  He was feasting, under the tree, on the five corner fruits commonly known as star fruits or carambola, oblivious to my watchful eye……I watched him for AGES!!…..he toddled along and cleaned his feet, then had a drink from the puddle before flying away…

007 (Medium)

Then, I went to the laundry, on the other side of the house, and lo and behold, here was a kingfisher, resting on the fence….

009 (Medium)

Now you can see why I don’t get much done around here!!!!!

We are very blessed with wildlife up here in the tropics!

What’s happening at your place?


Sugary hugs xo  :O)


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