Monday 21 August 2017

An August FNSI Winner

FNSI has come and gone again for another month and we had a lovely, cosy turnout.
Make sure you visit this post and click the links for each of our FNSI-ers to see how their Friday nights progressed.
The winner this month will receive a cute little charm pack of vintage French General fabrics.....42 two and a half inch squares of loveliness.
The winner this month (like every month)  has been hand picked by our ever-helpful, Mr RNG
Congratulations Number 10!!!!! 

Now you WILL have to pop back to this post to find out who our August winner is! *cheeky grin*.
Hope you enjoyed our FNSI and I look forward to next month's and stitching with you once again.

xox Sugary hugs :o)


Saturday 19 August 2017


How did you go at our Friday Night Sew In Part-ayyy?

Did you manage to join in?  What did you get up to?  I'll be popping over to see what gorgeous creations were worked on all around the globe, but in the meantime, here is what I was working on....

a little bit of cross-stitch.

I love the challenge of counted cross can be a bit daunting but I like to highlight the pattern as I've done it so I know where I'm up to.  It works for me!
The feeling of achievement when you start to see the picture come to life is awesome!  This gorgeous kit depicts a typical house in northern Australia called the Queenslander.  Built on stilts, the cool air circulates beneath the house and through the windows creating a natural form of air conditioning.  It has an elegance all of its own, don't you think?  These are a popular type of house for young renovators and many have withstood cyclone after cyclone.  Funny though, not many in the tropics have a need!
So what have you been creating?   Have you had a chance to go and see what others got up to?
Pop back HERE and see what was happening.

Off for more cross stitch this afternoon for me I think!
xox sugary hugs :o)

Monday 14 August 2017

FNSI signups for August

Can you believe it's that time again?  FNSI rolls up so quickly, every time I go to post about it, I find I haven't really posted about anything else!  Time to rectify that!
Sign ups are below, so link in with your blog details and join me and fellow stitchers (of every kind) craft up a storm this Friday night.
Meantime, here's some of what's been going on at my place.....
coffee outings with my dear Dad-in-law -
organising a quilt cabinet, newly acquired from the local charity store.....
catching up for lunch with Vickie from Humpty Doo on her way home from Mackay with Dianne....
(wouldn't it be lovely if we could all meet up like this each week????)
Giving Ralph a much needed haircut now this warm weather is heating up.....
playing with blocks....
enjoying nature all around us....
and doing a darn good cleanup of my sewing room!
I'm off to work, but in the meantime, don't forget to sign up below....can't wait to stitch with you!

xox Sugary hugs :o)

Tuesday 1 August 2017

Christmas in July and OPAM

A big sugary hug to the wonderful Cheryll for hosting the Christmas in July swap this year.

I had such fun making my gifts and just as much fun opening the ones I received.  Here are the gifts I sent to Kaye

I forgot to take a photo of the finished mug rug but this gives you an idea, and a big hearty Christmas mug was included!
A Santa pouch was filled with Christmas goodies (and some sewing ones too!). 

I hope Kaye likes her gifts.   My swap sender was Illene.  We've been friends for quite a while so it was a lovely surprise to receive her parcel in the mail.  I was good and didn't open them till the 31st July (even later than we were meant to!)   Here are the lovely gifts I received from her -
a handstitched gift sweet!

This gorgeous little hexi basket was filled to the brim with chocolate santas.....nom nom nom! and had the prettiest glass brooch inside too.

I love this makes me happy just looking at it.  It will be going up on the front door this Christmas that's for sure!
Can't wait to add some Christmas patterns in here..... it will certainly make it easy to find something to make for swaps in the future. 
Thank you Illene, I love EVERYTHING! You really did spoil me. You are one of Santa's  top clever little helpers, that's for sure.  
I was light on with OPAM finishes for July but I did manage Santa Pouch above and this gorgeous vintage cushion cover.....

I've yet to get the cushion 'inner' to put in it but the floral border is the flange and the purple inner border is the edge of the cushion.  You can see it in the next photo...
I did have a cushion insert but it was far too big.  I'm taking hubby up to Townsville for an ultrasound on Thursday, on his calf, ankle and heel.....he has a suspected tear in his achilles tendon - we really are a clumsy couple!  While we're there, I might pop in to Spotlight and see if I can pick one up there.
Thanks to Peg and Kris for all their hard work with OPAM.  It really is a good motivator.

xox Sugary hugs :o)