Tuesday 15 December 2020

The Last FNSI for 2020

I'm still in shock typing that title!  Can you believe it?  This year has just been one crazy, hopefully never-to-be-repeated year, but despite Covid-19, health issues, hospital stays and work changes, we made it through!

Let's celebrate together at our very last-for-2020 FNSI where you can get comfy, finish off a few last Christmas gifts, nibble a few Chrissie treats topped off with a glass of wine, hot toddy or egg nog if you wish(or all of the above!) knowing you're in like-minded company with your virtual, crafty friends.

All you need to do is sign up below with your blog, IG or social media address and join us on the night.  Next year I'll be doing a refresh and making our get-together more inclusive so keep an eye out for the new improved version then.  In the meantime, sign up, organise some crafty business for Friday night and join in.   Remember, it doesn't matter where you are in the world or whether you join in Friday night Australia time or anywhere-else-in-the-world-time.  We'll be coming to visit during the week to see what you've been up to and cheer you on!

Have a fabulous week and see you on 'Friday'! :o)
Big Sugary Hugs xox