Wednesday 16 February 2022

FNSI sign ups for February

Another month, another FNSI.....speeding through the days yet again!! 

I always thought that as I got older, the days would slow down and I could enjoy 'my time', but I find myself longing to go back to the days when I built cubby houses in the backyard, went hunting for mushrooms for breakfast in the paddock and took the dog for long walks down to the dairy to return our milk bottles for small change.  Those days seemed to last forever and nothing interrupted the task at hand and you could just 'enjoy' the moment.   These days, there are so many 'pressing' things that 'need' to be attended to, just fitting them into the day seems impossible at times, and within what seems like moments, another week is gone! So much for 'retirement'!

Despite that, I LOVE spending my Friday nights each month with you all, stitching away, together - even though it's virtual, it still feels like I'm with my 'mates' and that warms my heart.  I love that we can meet together, share our love for craft and that we have a wonderful sponsor (and beautiful friend) in Dawn, aka Kitty Rose from Kitty Rose Cottage, to spoil us....or at least give us a chance at being spoilt!
Speaking of which, last month we had a record 31 ladies stitching with us......welcome!   The more the merrier, so if you're on the fence about joining in, it's simple!  If you are a blogger, you can join in via the link below (Mr Linky link), or if you don't but would still love to join in and have the chance to win a fabulous prize supplied by our magnificent sponsor, Kitty Rose Cottage, you can join our Facebook group HERE, leave a comment and picture with what you're working on, and you're in!  Simple!   

So, here goes.....  and the winner is...........

Congratulations to Colletta!  Send me a message and we will get a special prize for you in the mail, pronto.

Don't forget to sign up below!  Have a fab week and see you Friday!
Sugary hugs xox :o)