Friday, 16 August 2019

Up and running again...FNSI sign-ups for August are live!

After two and a half hours of the technician working on the lines, going to and from the pits out in the street and back again, he found that  the joined line had perished and needed to be renewed.  He did that, then we had to call our internet provider to get the phone reconnected as it had gone back to factory reset.  (as we're on NBN it's a VOIP phone so whenever the internet goes down so does the phone).  So much fun!
Bu the good news is....
We're up and running! 
So without further ado, add your link below and join us for a fun filled evening of stitching at home with lots of other lovely ladies (virtually of course!) in a comfy pair of pjs, a nice glass of tipple and some nibblies.  Tonight is your night so you might as well be comfortable! 

See you tonight! 
xox sugary hugs :o)

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

August FNSI

I’m bringing this to you from my mobile today as our NBN and internet have been down since last Friday!  You don’t realise how much you rely on it until it goes down (a bit like when you kick your little toe!).  On the other hand, you find how much time you lose just ‘browsing’!
Fingers crossed the technician is coming tomorrow so hopefully we’ll have some answers and will be able to get back online quickly. 
In the meantime, I can’t add the FNSI Linky as I can’t add html code on the mobile. So sorry, but nonetheless, we’ll go ahead with FNSI and when I can post fully, we’ll do a ‘post-FNSI’ linky!  How does that sound?  
Who knows, I may be online again tomorrow .... if THAT miracle happens, I’ll let you know!
Xxx sugary hugs :o)

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

FNSI sign ups already? Let's do it for Science!

Yes, it's time again.....Friday Night Sew In!
These weeks and months are flying by, aren't they?  So why not join with me this Friday night to slow down and enjoy the gentle art of 'crafting', whether it be stitching, piecing, FMQ-ing, appliqueing, knitting, crocheting or any multitude of handiwork?  Time for you to stop and enjoy the simple things of not rushing but enjoying every stitch, slowing our heart rates and just 'being'!

I read an article the other day that talked just about that topic.....and it all made perfect sense!   It is called "In our Brutal Modern World, Science shows our brains need craft more than ever..... " … must read it.  It explains so much and confirms that we should never feel guilty for taking time out for ourselves through our hobbies.   They are a necessary, not an optional part of a good healthy life.

It gives so much more credence to these memes....

Agreed???  Science says so, so who is to argue! *Cheshire grin*

Friday sew ins are for everyone....begin by signing up below using your blog,  Instagram or Facebook address, everyone is welcome.
After all, it's for our health and wellbeing, isn't it! *wink*

xox Sugary hugs :o)

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

My FNSI finishes and a new project to come...

Well I must admit, I'm working harder at getting better at my blog.  It seemed to be a seasonal thing I'd grown out of after nearly ten years but with a blog there is so much 'connection' that you just can't leave it behind.

Friday Night Sew In has been one of my saving graces.....a lifeline to my blogging life that I'm just not willing to let go of just yet and to all of you, I am thankful.  My stitchy friends have kept me going and I love to see what each of you is doing each month as not only is it fellowship, it is inspirational as well and I love that.
It might not even be stitchy-related; sometimes it is gardening or cooking, travel or families - all inspire me to keep blogging and keeping our friendships alive and kicking!  I just love it even though I'm not as visible as I would like....I'm getting back there!
So, here is what I managed to do on my FNSI, and like a few others, I started a bit earlier in the day, mainly because I had a few things I wanted to get done.
Thanks to the online community, I found some more of my background fabric to continue my 2017 FQS Designer Mystery quilt.....*note to self - NEVER leave the coordinating fabrics till you get around to finishing your BOM....purchase when you sign up....the fabric is not going to last forever!*

I still needed more of the American Jane "Spring-a-Ling" range for the contrasting sashings and borders but it isn't available anywhere anymore (unless I want to sell my kidney to pay for postage) so I've managed to get some of a similar AJ range called "Sweet Harmony".
I'm sure it will work out ok.

Then I moved on to my "It takes two" project.  I finished needle-turning the last few centres on each block before bed.
They're a little creased as, although I had them in my block keeper, the cats have decided that when it's closed, it's a nice warm place to sleep, especially these past few cold days!

If you haven't already done so, please go back HERE and download my gift to you....sort of sums up our worldwide friendships, don't you think?
Yesterday I received a big box in the mail which had me stumped...…. until I opened it!
And then I remembered...….
My 2019 FQS Mystery Designer BOM had arrived....and this time I remembered to order the backing and background fabric BEFORE I started! *good thinking 99*
I must admit, these are some of my favourite BOM's to do and the first block in this one is designed by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs.
But before I start on this one, I had better finish the 2017 one, and at least make a start on the 2018 one that's sitting in the wings, don't you think?

xox big sugary hugs :o)

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

FNSI sign ups for June..EVERYONE can join in and a gift for you!

These five week months are throwing me out of sync!  So let's dive straight in...
FNSI for this month is this Friday evening.

Now that winter is well and truly taking hold, what's better than to snuggle in on a Friday night and stitch away with a good hot chocolate (or toddy!) and a group of like minded friends, some music or a good movie or tv show, even if it IS virtually!

I've had so many people say they want to join in but can't because they don't have a blog......It doesn't matter if you don't have a blog, use your instagram or facebook account to join in!  Everyone is welcome.  Just copy and paste your personal social media address as your 'link' and we'll all be able to pop back and visit you and see what you've been up to.....lots of inspiration and motivation, that's for sure.

Pick something you'd like to work on and just enjoy the process, escaping from all the worries of the world....that's one of the things I love most about stitching, it's so relaxing.....and the fact that so many firm friendships are made with people all around the world...I just love it!

And to welcome everyone, new and old (ie regular FNSI-ers! :) ) here is a FREE stitchery designed by 'moi' for you to enjoy.  I hope you like it and please share your finished stitcheries with me....nothing better than to share the love!  I hope you enjoy it!

Just click on the link HEREto download

Big sugary hugs xox :o)

Thursday, 23 May 2019

May's FNSI is this week....are you ready?

Well, the busy-ness is starting to settle. I have one week left of full time work after this week and the federal elections were held last Saturday. I ran one of the polling booths about 3/4 of an hour north of us so I had some hectic travel, organisation and study to do but that's over for this election anyway so I'm breathing a bit easier and I'm really looking forward to sitting in front of the telly with my stitching on Friday night with you guys!  Are you in????
To be honest, I can't wait and have started a little early catching up on what I've been missing these last few weeks.  Here is what I've been working on and what I plan to continue with on Friday Night....
I'm loving the whipped running stitch in the centre of each frame..
Here's a close-up...
I'm really enjoying the slow stitching process...and it's not as slow as I once thought!
Have you got a plan for what you'll be working on?  I'd love to hear it before we get together.
Sign ups are below and if you're thinking you'll be too tired/busy/doing other jobs or any other reason, remember, stitching is sooooo good for the soul,particularly when your stitching with friends!

Sugary hugs xox :o)

Thursday, 16 May 2019

News about This month’s FNSI

Oh dear me....this month is just about through and FNSI is upon us again...but I’m certainly not ready (as I suppose you can tell).    
I haven’t given you details about my wonderful cruise and  one of the reasons why is I returned home with a ‘good’ dose of influenza A with an inner ear infection, sinus infection and a touch of pneumonia just to make it a bit more interesting! 

 Honestly, was it payback for having such a fab time?  I don’t think so despite the girls at work telling me it was!   That took its toll, I certainly had no energy and didn’t feel up to doing anything let alone blogging.  There was one day I truly thought I was going to die....this latest strain really is dreadful.  I honestly recommend getting the flu needles this year as there have already been 40-odd flu related deaths this year.  I’m going for mine tomorrow after work to cover the other strains of flu.  But thank goodness I have been on two lots of antibiotics and herbs and it seems to be under control now.  
I returned home and found my boss had resigned after 6 years as store supervisor.  It was her last day on Friday so between her finishing up and the new store supervisor starting in two more weeks, I’ve been official shop caretaker/supervisor until she arrives.   With my regular Saturday stint as well, it makes a long week.   

Just to throw a little twist into the mix, I have a position at a polling booth as the Officer In Charge on Saturday at our federal elections.  I’ve been doing training sessions and organising staff and resources so what little time I have had has been focussed on that.  So I had lost track of FNSI until a couple of diligent FNSI’ers asked me if it was still on tomorrow night or if I had forgotten  (they know me well!).

Sooooo, seeing as it is a five week month! I thought it wouldn’t hurt to hold FNSI next Friday long as you don’t mind?    I thought it might be a nice time to give you a little gift too, seeing as it’s my birthday month.   I’ll have to find a fun design of mine to share.....I hope that takes the sting off not having FNSI until next week.  
Until then! I’m off to study my Electoral Procedures Handbook.  
Happy stitching :o)

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

April Easter FNSI sign ups

Wow, I'm back from my crafting cruise, and WHAT a cruise! (which I definitely will share with could I not?!)
 I had the best time, met some amazing women who I now have the honour of calling my great friends and I've now come home and brought a sinus infection, along with an ear infection with me!   Oh well....time to relax  and stitch up some of my new projects while I rest and recover.

I hope you can join along at some stage over this long Easter weekend for our Friday Night Sew In?
I've been working on my Sashiko table runner I started on the just to stitch up the border and quilt it. Thanks to Jane at really was a fabulous learning experience and plenty of 'smiles'.

Sign ups are below......if you are traveling away for Easter, safe travels and Easter blessings to you and yours and hopefully you'll get some stitching in somewhere!

xox Sugary hugs :o)

Thursday, 14 March 2019

FNSI sign ups

Late again, I know., but I only just flew in from Melbourne after our annual Let's Get Stitched event and boy....what a time we had!  I've lots to show you but before I go to work here are the sign up details for this month.
Looking forward to stitching with you again this Friday
xox Sugary Hugs

Thursday, 14 February 2019

FNSI ... sign ups for February

Oh my goodness !  This ‘time’ thing is still moving way too fast this year isn’t it?  Thank the Lord for Maria who reminded me we are FNSI-ing tomorrow night. Sorry for the late sign- ups but I have been distracted with the weather issues and such. All is good here now though!
So let’s not waste any more time. Sign ups are below   Let’s have some Friday night fun!
Xxx Sugary hugs :0)

Monday, 4 February 2019

FNWF and a Lucky Find

It's been a bit damp here with monsoonal rains so staying in and stitching has been a plus.  Friday night I joined with other ladies  and our lovely hostess Cheryll for our monthly Friday Night with Friends.

But before I share, I have some good news......I got a phone call last Tuesday from our local council.....someone had handed in my beautiful girl to the pound!  

It was hard at the start as Milo had forgotten who she was and she was just an 'intruder' to him...she smelt 'funny' and he was not impressed.   It took a few days but now they are the best of friends again.  Mocha has been seen by the vet who said she had been looked after well so after just over a month, they decided she wasn't keen to stay with them and wanted to come home.  All I can say is thank God for microchipping...that's how they found who she belonged to as she had lost her collar, who knows when?

Told you 2019 was going to be an awesome year!
This wet weather has given me lots of catch up time so Friday night for me began early.  I managed to catch up on the second last block of Foxley Village.

I'm keen to put this one together with only one block to go.    I also put my hand up to join the 'Bloom quilt sew-a-long' with Chez.

 I was a bit behind but managed to get the first two blocks prepped and stitched down as well.

Some more progress on "It Takes Two"....
...and even a hexi for our group swap.....
All in all, quite a productive Friday I think! 
The week saw some treacherous weather in our parts with the monsoon hovering over our area and flooding a nearby city so much so that the dam had to release water at 8pm last night so its banks did not burst.  The timing coincided with the tides so the impact would be as 'minimal' as possible, however this put its residents at risk and with around 2000 megalitres pumping out per second *eek* about 20000 homes were flooded. Today is predicted for more rains and already the area has been tagged as having a 1 in 100 year event that is the second largest flood in Australia's history. You can see some of the devastation HERE and HERE.  And here is a photo from the end of our street.  
You can see the block flooding and the drain is just about at its limit.  But we are nowhere near the devastation Townsville has encountered.  They have had around 2000mm of rain in the past week whereas we (about 80km south) have had about 1000mm  It's predicted we'll get another 1500mm in the next 10 days...we're hoping and praying not, but time will tell.  Mr B had to 'relocate' this Eastern Brown snake who managed to sneak in under our back door and take refuge in our lounge room!  I can tell you we've both never moved so fast in all our lives as these are in the group of  most dangerous of all snakes in Australia, if not, the world!  
Talk about freak out!  This one was a juvenile and about 3 ft long but mighty fast!  We locked the cats in the bedroom and did what we had to do.  Needless to say, there are multiple towels piled up against the back door, hopefully sealing it from unwelcome visitors.

Don't forget to go and see what other friends got up to as there are some beautiful crafty people in our groups.

for now, I'm sending big sugary hugs and loads of love and thanks xox   :o)