Monday 19 December 2016

Our December FNSI winner is...........

Did you get a chance to visit all our FNSI-ers?  

Click back HERE and it will take you to the links to all our Friday stitching friends, where you can see what they've all been up to.  Remember to make yourself a cuppa and a nibble of something sweet before you start,  because I can almost guarantee you'll become lost in all the loveliness.

I managed to get a little cross stitching in, which you can see in MY LAST POST .  A beautiful sentiment, in fact, one of my favourites.  I'm sure you'd love it too.

But now, for the draw...... one lucky stitcher is the winner of this cute as a button angel kit.  

Despite my tardiness to get the sign-up post online (or my forgetfulness), we still managed to have 25 lovely ladies stitching together in our virtual Friday Night Stitch In.  I'm so thankful for lovely stitchy friends.  So without any ado, Mr RNG has drawn our December winner - 


Jo managed to catch up with quite a few of her Splendid Sampler blocks.  I'm not going to show you her progress, you'll just have to pop over and see what she managed to do! *sneaky sneaky* 

Congratulations Jo......drop me a line with your postal address and I'll pop your parcel in the mail when I get home early in the new year!

Thanks everyone for a fantastic FNSI for 2016.  Looking forward to a bigger, better and more exciting FNSI in 2017 (and I promise I'm not going to be so slack!) *wink*

xox Sugary hugs :o) 

Saturday 17 December 2016

FNSI progress

I managed to get a little done this Friday night for our monthly virtual stitch-in ....a little cross stitching, just for something different.
I picked this up at my local op-shop, semi-completed and just loved it, so thought I'd finish it off.   It is a kit, so had all the threads with it, all I need do is pick it up and get started, no searching for anything - it is all there. 

So, that's what I did for our it's a counted cross stitch, I have to count the stitches on the pattern and make the design mean feat on a Friday night, particularly when you haven't been stitching it and I must admit, even with cross stitching I had to do a little bit of reverse stitching!  What doesn't appear much, took me the whole night...counting, stitching, unpicking, recounting, get the picture, don't you? 

But I'm happy with how it's coming along....truly slow stitching, but it helps me to relax so I'm satisfied that what doesn't look like much has been completed, now onto the next bit.

I think I'll tackle the next little bird in the middle.  So sweet, they look like the little finches that gobble up the seeds in the garden.  I remember taking one to the local vet when it fell out of the mother's nest at school.....the schoolchildren and I mollycoddled it all day and I took it to the vet in a shoebox that afternoon after school......poor vet didn't have the heart to tell me he couldn't save it...told me he'd do his best.  All God's creatures deserve a chance, regardless of their size or 'value' to others.  I really appreciated his much so, I haven't forgotten it yet, and that was a good ten years or more ago. 

Have you been to visit everyone to see what they've been stitching up?  Drop back HERE and see all my stitchy friends to get a good dose of inspiration. I always get my dose of 'oohs' and 'aahs'.

Pop back tomorrow to see who our winner for December is.  I'll be going on holidays tomorrow, down south to visit family for Christmas so may or may not be blogging....I'll try and do some mobile posts.....not as pretty but at least you can come with me on my holiday away (first one in more than ten years!). 

xox sugary hugs :o)

Thursday 15 December 2016

OOPS....a better-late-than-never December FNSI sign ups

hasn't it flown???  I had so many plans for this past month but everything has gone by the wayside.  I have been sick and recovering took longer than expected, and hubby has just gone on his annual leave so days have been running around with him!

And here it is Thursday already!

Well, as they say, better late than never......I've opened up sign ups for our FNSI which is TOMORROW NIGHT.  Don't stress if you don't get anything done before the weekend, after all, it's Friday somewhere in the world...don't you agree?
And this month, being our last AND being a week before Christmas, I'm sure you'll have some last minute Christmas gifts you need to make?  So with that theme in mind, this month's prize for one lucky winner is a gorgeous Angel softie kit......

It's probably just a tad too late for Christmas this year, but would be perfect to stitch up for Christmas 2017.....can never be too early now can we?

Sign ups are below.....add your details and share I said, better late than never ....(makes me feel better anyway)  :o/ *eek*

xox Sugary hugs :o)