Thursday 18 January 2024

Our January FNSI get together

 Hi All,

 and welcome to 2024 and our first FNSI for the year!

I apologise for not posting for a while.....Cyclone Jasper got me before Christmas.  He mucked up all the telecommunications up in the north and although he didn't impact us physically, he certainly made his presence known by limiting what we could access.  I thought it was a computer update but I found out later it was waterlogged communications.   I did have the post organised but couldn't annoying!

That does mean I have a few draws to catch up on!  So let's get into those before I progress!
So, each lady has won a $30 voucher to go towards their purchases at our wonderful sponsor Kitty Rose Cottage!   I say, go towards because there's so many beautiful things there, it is hard to limit yourself!!!!  That doesn't mean you can't just use the $30 but I bet you won't be able to resist!!!!
Our winner from our October FNSI was stitching along with 23 other ladies from around the world and we had a marvelous night.   The winner for October is:

In November, we had 27 ladies stitch along. We had a lovely time and I always find it very inspiring and gets me motivated to catch up on things I've started and put down "for a bit"!  Our November winner is:

December was as much fun, although with people preparing for holidays and Christmas and parties, our FNSI only had 17 people join.  Despite that, we still managed to get lots of Christmas gifts finished and our winner for December is: 

Congratulations to all three ladies.  I hope you've got your shopping lists ready and I'd love to see what you purchase with your voucher when it arrives.  Feel free to post a picture in our Facebook group so we can all ooh and aaah together!!!!  

  I must sincerely thank our sponsor, Dawn at Kitty Rose Cottage.  

She is, and always has been a huge supporter of our group and a very active member (although I can't add her to our prize wheel....that might be a bit weird!!!)  Thank you to everyone for joining in for 2023 and here's to a bigger and more exciting 2024 FNSI.   
Now for this month's FNSI sign ups. Remember it's open worldwide so don't be shy!  You know the sign up below OR on the Facebook group post for this month.  Can't wait to 'see' you this Friday night. Here's to a bigger and mightily inspirational year ahead for all of us. 

Big sweet sugary hugs xox :o)