Wednesday 17 November 2021

October Winners, November FNSI Sign-ups and a new member....

 ....of the family, that is! 

My gorgeous (first) grandson was born on Thursday, the 11th of the 11th at 11.30am!  He certainly is a remembrance baby!  Look at this cutie.....

Ryker John Luscombe.  My son is not one for traditionalism so Ryker has taken his mother's surname and when (if) they decide to marry, he will also take her surname.  Honestly, at first it upset me a little but after lengthy discussions (I AM a bit traditional!), we agreed it's just a name so whether she takes his or he takes hers, it's not an issue for us.

I can't help myself....the poor boy's only 6 days old and I have soooo many photos!   Here's a collage....

I reckon I'll be spamming you with photos for a while!!! I just can't get enough of him!   I love this Grandma gig!!

It's already 11pm and I'm still fussing about with downloading things to the computer...I hate how things used to be so simple and are now so difficult and 'technological'!  I figure I'm pretty tech savvy but boy, some things are just becoming much too complicated don't you think?

Well I decided I'd try (agaaaaain) to download the video of the spin a winner and I think I've got it....let's see if it works...... 

Ok it looks like we have a winner!!! 
Chris in Canada!!!

Message me Chris and we'll organise a fabulous prize to be winging its way to you from Kitty Rose Cottage......yippeeee!

Finally it's time for our sign-ups for our November FNSI ...can you believe it's our second last one for the year?  If you're new to FNSI and would love to join, you can read all about it HERE.  Don't forget to join us on our Facebook community page HERE where you can catch up with people in 'real' time.  And always always ALWAYS feel free to share so that more people can join in the fun and inspiration.

Time for bed for me so here's our sign-up.  Looking forward to stitching with you all on Friday night.  Remember, it's always Friday night somewhere in the world so it doesn't matter whether it's your Friday night in the northern hemisphere or my Friday night in the south.  Let's not let time divide us! x 

Sugary hugs always xox :o)