Thursday 19 January 2023

First FNSI for 2023! Yippee!!

 I've so been waiting to sew with you all and yet, it snuck up on me again!  

 Sign ups are below OR on the facebook group page.  (if you haven't joined our Facebook Group page yet, HERE is where the action happens...I'd love for you to join us).  

Thanks to you all for making it much easier for me by signing up on either one....and for the Facebook signup, signing on the one post!  It took me forever to scroll through and write down names of people who had participated, now I just have to look at the one post on FB and one here which makes it less time consuming (and more time for stitching!!)

Our beautiful sponsor and I were speaking before Christmas about how to improve our prize giving this year.  It seems some people weren't receiving their prizes through the mail but never let us know, especially those overseas, so we've come up with a plan.

This year, our prizes will be the same for all and will be quick to receive!   Dawn is generously offering a $30 voucher at Kitty Rose Cottage as a prize each month for you to spend at your leisure.  You can use it to buy ANYTHING you like from her can use that amount or if you prefer, put it towards something you've always wanted but, if you're like me, thought I'll wait till I have the money....something like a bundle or kit or something on your wish list!  

Dawn has been so supportive of our FNSI and this is just another way we can enjoy what she has to offer!  (Remember she has a layby function too so that is another option to help you).    I, myself have my eye on the new Tilda Cloudpie bundle 

Isn't it delish???  Wht will you 'buy' with your winnings?

Speaking of winnings, we need to do the draws for both November and December FNSI's.    Let's not wait any longer.....

November's winner is.........

December's winner is.......


I hope you both enjoy your prizes. 💓💓

Now for the sign ups for this month.....remember, either here or our Facebook Group on the sign up post

have a wonderful day and see you Friday!

Big sugary hugs xox :o)