Monday, 20 March 2023

All About Face FNSI and winners

 Well this is a bit of a topsy turvy post.   I hurt my back last week and have been off work....don't know what I did....sat down and then couldn't get up without extreme pain!   Hence the thought of FNSI couldn't have been further from my mind (wash my mouth out!)

Thank goodness for a number of treasured friends who reminded me and brought me out of my slump!  I'm so sorry for those who regularly watch the blog for link ins but by time I realised it was late Friday afternoon and I didn't have time to post, so all went via the Facebook group.  For this reason I'm not drawing this month's winner but leaving this post open for anyone to join in post-FNSI with links to their blogs if they wish.  I'll draw this month's winner next month!   What a shamozzle! *slaps forehead*.

I still don't have an outcome for my back.....still sore but not excrutiating like it was. I've had a CT scan and blood tests done and my doctor's appointment is on Wednesday so hopefully I'll have some news then.  Meanwhile it's rest at home and nothing strenuous.

I did manage some catchups on my Lucy Boston POTC  blocks.  

I'm up to date now with 58 blocks done.  Think I'm halfway there???  They're looking really pretty in the Tilda fabrics, some vintage, some new and all chosen by our lovely sponsor Dawn at Kitty Rose Cottage.  These are great to hand stitch in front of the television of an evening or when you feel like some quiet slow stitching....I love them.   Dawn has them prepared monthly in a kit if you'd like to join in HERE.  You'll get two blocks a month, which I find is quite're making a quilt without realising it!  I did get this one done before FNSI, at the beginning of the month too....

It's slightly out on the fussy cutting but that's what you get when you just eyeball it instead of doing the job properly!!    Still, I'm happy with it.

At the beginning of the year I promised myself I'd finish off a few of my longstanding UFOs so here I am.....last weekend (pre-back injury) sewing up a storm with my 2018 Mystery designer BOM from Fat Quarter Shop.   I love these each year...the fabrics are beautiful and often something I wouldn't ordinarily choose but love all the same and they always stretch my capabilities.  I find I learn something new with every block.  I'm up to putting this one all together now......when I feel I can sit and sew or stand and cut! 

Well I guess it's time for our catch-up draws!  Something everyone's been waiting for.  Fingers crossed!   Here goes....

January's winner of a $30 voucher at Kitty Rose Cottage is.......

...and February's winner who also wins a $30 voucher at Kitty Rose Cottage is.....

congratulations to both of you....I'm sure you'll find something you'll be able to use at Kitty Rose Cottage, that's for sure!

And thank you to everyone who joins in each month.   Our merry band of stitchers is growing each month and we're around 35 each month now.   More the merrier so if you know anyone who'd like to join in, please invite them to our Facebook group...we'd love to have them join.

I'll post March's winners with next month's so there's time, if you didn't get to join due to my topsy turvy-ness, to link in here or on the facebook group page.   I won't add the Mr Linky Link here however if you leave a comment with your blog name (remember to eliminate the . and the @ by using the words instead -eg  abcde(at)bigpond(dot)net so you don't get spammed!!), I'll be sure to add you in!

Big sugary hugs to you all and thank you for all the love xox

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

February’s FNSI both virtual and face-to-face!

This month I’ve had two weeks holiday to come and spend time visiting this little monkey….

 And his gorgeous parents of course! 
When my lovely Brisbane-based stitch friend Susan discovered I was going to be down, she wanted to plan some time together.  

I arrived on Saturday afternoon and spent the weekend with my gorgeous grand baby. 

Susan and I got together on Monday and did some serious fabric shopping!   She coordinates a group of ladies who are all making fabric ABC books and I couldn’t resist. After all, lil Ryker is still only 15 months old but it gives me plenty of time to personalise one for him to enjoy. Then we went to her place for a little lunch and some stitching … and she kindly allowed me to search her stash of abc fabrics. Susan is AWESOME! 

Tomorrow we’re off on another shopping frenzy with these two wonderful friends - Michelle and Shez so imagine what mischief we will all get up to! 

And Friday being FNSI, Susan has organised a get together stitchy morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea with all our stitchy Brisbane and surrounds-based friends. I’m so looking forward to it as living in the tropical north, and being isolated geographically and by COVID for a couple of years, I haven’t seen these ladies in what seems like forever! It almost feels like our former annual Lets Get Stitched retreat, only much smaller! I wish Dawn could have been here! Wouldn’t it have been lovely to have our sponsor for FNSI to come up too?   I hadn’t thought that far ahead unfortunately!   

Anyways, I’ll keep you posted on our shenanigans here, and in our Facebook group page!  

In the meantime, sign up to our FNSI here OR in the Facebook group under this month’s FNSI post so you can go into the draw for a gift voucher exclusive to KittyRose Cottage. 

 And don’t forget to post pictures to inspire us all.   
In the meantime, have fun and big sugary sweet hugs to you all 
Xox o:) 

Thursday, 19 January 2023

First FNSI for 2023! Yippee!!

 I've so been waiting to sew with you all and yet, it snuck up on me again!  

 Sign ups are below OR on the facebook group page.  (if you haven't joined our Facebook Group page yet, HERE is where the action happens...I'd love for you to join us).  

Thanks to you all for making it much easier for me by signing up on either one....and for the Facebook signup, signing on the one post!  It took me forever to scroll through and write down names of people who had participated, now I just have to look at the one post on FB and one here which makes it less time consuming (and more time for stitching!!)

Our beautiful sponsor and I were speaking before Christmas about how to improve our prize giving this year.  It seems some people weren't receiving their prizes through the mail but never let us know, especially those overseas, so we've come up with a plan.

This year, our prizes will be the same for all and will be quick to receive!   Dawn is generously offering a $30 voucher at Kitty Rose Cottage as a prize each month for you to spend at your leisure.  You can use it to buy ANYTHING you like from her can use that amount or if you prefer, put it towards something you've always wanted but, if you're like me, thought I'll wait till I have the money....something like a bundle or kit or something on your wish list!  

Dawn has been so supportive of our FNSI and this is just another way we can enjoy what she has to offer!  (Remember she has a layby function too so that is another option to help you).    I, myself have my eye on the new Tilda Cloudpie bundle 

Isn't it delish???  Wht will you 'buy' with your winnings?

Speaking of winnings, we need to do the draws for both November and December FNSI's.    Let's not wait any longer.....

November's winner is.........

December's winner is.......


I hope you both enjoy your prizes. πŸ’“πŸ’“

Now for the sign ups for this month.....remember, either here or our Facebook Group on the sign up post

have a wonderful day and see you Friday!

Big sugary hugs xox :o)

Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Our last FNSI for 2022

 Yes it's's our last FNSI for 2022 and if you're like me, you're still stitching up last minute gifts (or thinking of what gifts you can quickly but beautifully make that will impress even the fussiest recipient!).

 I've popped a few links below to help with ideas if you're swamped and feeling overwhelmed...I hope they help you get things organised for our Friday night get together and get you ticking things off your 'to do' list!?

Firstly, the Fat Quarter Shop has some lovely last minute gifts to make on their Jolly Jabber page

These cute little hooped ornaments are one of the gifts on the Jolly Jabber and are designed by Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner.

Or you could pop by Treasurie where there is a list of 27 gift giving ideas you could make for anyone in your gifting list including this sleep mask....

One of my favourite places is the All People Quilt site....I love these Jolly Holiday Pillows, don't you?

I love this idea for our little ones to encourage reading.......

and these are great for the men in our lives (or the teens)......

and this is something I'd LOOOOOVE......what a fabulous idea!!!  

And I found them all here along with 17 other Easy-Sew Christmas Gifts at Happiest

I hope that gives you a few ideas.  My list has probably become longer now!!!  I'll be preparing for next Christmas I think!!  So join with us on our last FNSI for 2022.  Sign ups are below and if you post on your blog or over on our Facebook page, you have the chance to win a great prize from our wonderful sponsor (and one of the best friends anyone could wish for) Dawn, from Kitty Rose Cottage.  Head over to her shop and see what she has.... always something happening there and stock (and specials) are changing up regularly!

Hope to see you Friday!  
happy stitching and big sugary hugs xox :o)

Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Sign-ups for November's FNSI and September/October winners Announced

 It never fails to amaze me how these months fly by.  So much so, my 'little newborn' grandson was up from Brisbane on the weekend to celebrate his first birthday!!!   

I know what you're seems like only yesterday we were waiting....waiting...waiting for
him to be born!' Yet here he already!

I can't wait for February when I have two weeks off to go and visit them.......that's when time can't come fast enough!

Talking about time not coming fast enough .... I'm sure you've been waiting patiently to see if your name was the winning one in either September or October prize draws!  So I'm not going to draw it out any longer.  

We had quite a few stitching along in September.  It always makes my heart sing when I see how we can all stitch together in different houses, in different states, countries, time zones, doing different things and it just doesn't matter!  We're all doing what we love.....together!  Such a special bond we've created thanks to technology. And thanks to Dawn at Kitty Rose Cottage for sponsoring our FNSI's.  She is just 'the bomb!' 

Make sure you pop by and visit her online shop..... she has the most amazing stuff, and there's new things all the time!

Our winner (or in this case, winners) for September is:     


The draw for October was a double one.....remember I missed a Friday and you all stitched and posted on Facebook anyway???  Well I counted those ones as well as the following weeks so most people had two chances to win (even though it only takes one!)   Our winner for October is....


If both of you could email or private message me your postal address, I'll make sure Dawn gets something wonderful off to you in the mail.  Woohoooooo!!!

Now, this month's FNSI sign ups are below OR on the facebook group page if you don't have a blog.  Remember, if you have a blog it's great to link here so we can all come visit you as is the original, and continued intention of FNSI.  Good luck, fingers crossed, and happy stitching!

Big sugary hugs xox :o)

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

FNSI, Take Two for September....

 I'm so sorry I totally missed last week.  I look forward to FNSI every month, but this month certainly snuck up and bit me on the you-know-what!  Thank goodness we love sewing so much as I'm sure you won't mind repeating last week's FNSI with me this week?

I noticed lots of friends stitched along anyway and I saw lots of lovely things being posted in the Facebook group.  If you're not a member, sign up with us and if you are but missed out, pop by the group and have a look.   If you joined in our 'pseudo-FNSI' last week, I'll add your names to our prize draw this week.

I have finally finished my "Heartstrings" quilt, designed by Natalie Bird of  Birdhouse Patchwork Designs.  It took me quite a while as there was stitchery, EPP, piecing, and needleturn applique and the pieced blocks around the final border are 3" squares!!  Smallest border I think I've ever done but, gee it was worth it .... I LOVE it!
I used Tilda 'Windy Days' fabric range.  I love how it's turned out. Now just to quilt it and bind it...not sure what colour binding .... any ideas??
I'm working on a new project good friend Pami Green's (of My Rosebud Studio) quilt design "Angelica".  I loved it from the first moment I saw it and just had to get onboard.   I'm doing it as a BOM through the quilt store where Pami works - The Patchwork Angel.  

 I'm using Tilda again but the last ranges....'Γ‡hic Escape' and 'Daisyfield' which I bought from our fabulous FNSI sponsor, Dawn of Kitty Rose Cottage. These are my most favourite Tilda fabrics so far (but I say that every time!!).  I know Dawn has a little bit still in her store so pop over to add some to your stash.  
Just a bit of needleturn on the chain block (which I think I'll do at FNSI *wink*!) and then I'll be waiting in anticipation for block two.

Now I think it's time to draw a winner from last month's FNSI.  Thanks again to Dawn for sponsoring the prize each month.  I can honestly say her prizes are most generous and everyone who's won one has commented as such.  Good luck to you all....and with fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed, here goes........
and the winner is.......

I'm sure Dawn has a very special prize to send off to you Karen, so if you could just message me with your postal details, I'll pass that on ASAP!  wheeeeeeee!

Don't forget to join up below or just post a photo of your Friday night foray in our Facebook Group.  Those of you who were crafting last Friday night will be in the draw too, so if you join this week as well, you'll have TWO entries!!!  

Have a fabulous day's Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Holiday here in Australia, so sewing will be done with such a wonderful selfless woman in mind.

Big sugary hugs :0)