Monday 13 August 2018

Can you believe? August FNSI sign-ups are here!

Yes, it's blown me away too!  It seems like only a couple of weeks ago we were tidying up Christmas and now Christmas in July is over and we're headed into the second part of the year, well and truly!
But this week it's time for Friday Night Sew favourite time of the month, even though it IS August already!

I have been working on my Fig 'n Berry stitcheries and I am up to block 5.  I used to hate satin stitch but it's become one of my favourites now.  It's certainly true what is said about practise, practise, practise making you better, better, better.
I'm really happy with my plump little reindeer in his racy red Cottage Garden Threads.
On Friday I took myself off to the Craft Alive event in Townsville for the day.  We haven't had one for a couple of years up here, mainly due to distance and cost to hold stalls and such, so I was delighted to hear there was one this year.  There was NO way I was missing out.  
It was much smaller than in the past but, it was great to be able to get around to all the stalls without rushing and I was able to attend all the classes I wanted to, including an impromptu one on the Fusamat - a fuseable applique mat designed by Sharon Bradley from New Zealand.  

It's awesome as it holds your applique pieces in place even when you move your mat from the ironing board to the sewing machine, it's easily transparent so you can see your design and it holds onto the surface you're on without totally impressed me so I just had to buy one.  Take a look at Sharon explaining the Fusamat on this video: 

So I think on Friday night I might be doing a little bit more stitchery and a little bit of applique, just to try out my new Fusamat (and no, I'm not getting paid to advertise...this product really blew me away as it fixed all the problems I've found with my current applique mat...I'm just so impressed!)

Have you planned what you will be working on this Friday?   Whatever it is, it's always more fun joining in with friends so make sure you sign up below and join with us this Friday.  Everyone is welcome, invite some friends to join in with us and we'll have a ball stitching along together in our jammies with a good movie/music, some nibblies and a sneaky tipple or cosy cuppa.  How could you resist?  
Have a sweet week,
sugary hugs xox :o)