Monday 22 May 2017

A Friday in May Winner for FNSI

A little late to be drawing the prize for this month's FNSI - I apologise.
I had my son and his girlfriend come for dinner so, after crumbed skinny chicken kiev, baked potato wedges and mixed vegetables, followed by the most delectable chocolate brownies with ice cream, I can now sit down and draw the winner!

This month's prize was one I purchased in Adelaide at our Let's Get Stitched retreat in March in a little shop in a little town on our way to Maggie Beer's farm and the Seppeltsfield winery.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect......
If you've never done sashiko (刺し子, literally "little stabs") before, it's a wonderfully relaxing form of stitchery which was originally a form of decorative reinforcement stitching (or functional embroidery) from JapanThe white cotton thread on the traditional indigo blue cloth gives sashiko its distinctive appearance and you can find loads of information and hints on YouTube, Pinterest and other internet websites on the correct way to stitch sashiko.  This is an example of the diagonal pattern in the kit the winner will receive....

It would look beautiful set in a bag as a large pocket, as a feature on a tote, as a book or Ipad cover or even just a placemat or feature on a table runner. If you've never tried it before and particularly if you're not a 'stitcher', I recommend giving it a go.  You can find lots of other styles of stitching and equipment you will need HERE too, another site I'd highly recommend.
Now let's get to it....the draw.......thanks to Mr RNG again this month........


 Drop me a line and I'll get your prize in the mail.  I'm SURE you're going to like it!

xox sugary hugs :o)

Saturday 20 May 2017

My FNSI sewing helper

Well, the assessors did come to look at the damage and now it's just a waiting game.  The carpet has dried, at least, and thank goodness we have a spare bathroom otherwise this stressed little bunny would be a tad MORE stressed!  Yep, FNSI came just at the right time!

Nothing like a bit of stitching to take the stress down a notch or two.    I started a new project I've been planning on doing for quite a while.  I'd seen it in one of my copies of an Australian Country Threads magazine (2007) and fell in love with it.  Called 'On the Shelf'' by Pieceful Hearts, it touches a spot in my country girl heart.
I sat down in front of BH & G and got comfy and cosy in my track pants and jacket with the rain falling in the background (a rarity up here unless there's a cyclone looming), grabbed my stitching and began stitching away..... and I'm sure it's like waving the starting flag at the V8s as it seemed to be an indication to 18 yr old Charlie to climb up and cuddle in for the night.
I tried to stitch 'over' him but he showed his disgust so cuddles were in order for a while so the stitching had to take second place for a bit.  My 'helper' had put me in my place! I did manage to get some done though (although not as much as I would have hoped), once he decided he wanted to go to bed.
I'm using 'Salvia' Cottage Garden Threads for the hutch and I'm loving how it's coming out.  Subtle changes in the green give it a dimensional feel.  I can see this one coming along quickly.
We had a welcome visitor in the backyard yesterday....over the past couple of days we've had a huge rain event which dropped 9 1/2 inches of rain in our area.  Was lovely and cool but today you just wouldn't know it had happened.  This little guy dropped by and perched himself on one of our bare branches outside the laundry window.  Makes you appreciate nature and all its beauty, doesn't it?

Have you caught up with everyone's FNSI projects?  Pop back here and click on the links to visit - many lovelies to inspire, that's for sure!

Off for some more stitching, before Charlie wakes up!

xox Sugary hugs :o)

Monday 15 May 2017

FNSI 'sanity' sign ups for May

It's that time already...sign ups for May Friday Night Sew In are below, ready for you to relax and join in this Friday night.

I'm going to need it this month, to boost my sanity even more than normal.....although Mothers' Day was yesterday and I was treated royally, we discovered a wet patch on our bedroom carpet.  Blaming our aging pets, we left it go overnight, only to discover this morning it had worsened. Moving the heavy furniture away from the wall I discovered such a mess (apart from the dust bunnies that had gathered there over the years!)....
It seems our shower recess has been leaking (our bathroom adjoins the main bedroom), so numerous phone calls to the insurance company and plumber resulted in no plumbing leaks but the actual roman bath (which we hated anyway) wasn't built correctly and has been leaking into the concrete slab and spreading through the wall and floor.  Assessors are being contacted as we 'speak' and will come and look at the damage.....fingers crossed our insurance covers it!  Stressed you can see how I'm needing to sit and stitch with you to regain my sanity?

Sign up and join in with me.  We all need a sanity saver!

xox sugary hugs :o)

Monday 8 May 2017


A bit of stitching happened when I sat with my friends at FNWF (thanks Chez for a great night BTW!)
I started early as it was my Father-in-law's 82nd birthday which we celebrated in the evening.
(Happy birthday Dad! <3)

So Fri-DAY with Friends started with a swap make....
...then working on a stitchery for the gift pile....

I just love Nikki's Brandy Gully stitcheries!
I'm thinking I should unpick the poem text as two strands is just too thick and one strand won't cover the print so maybe I should just leave it...what do you think?

Thanks again Chez for a wonderful day.....see what the other girls were up to HERE

xox Sugary hugs :o)

Wednesday 3 May 2017

April GDITC OPAM finishes

This past month I've been working on a couple of projects, not finishing many completely for OPAM but they're well on the way.

I did manage to finish two components of a project I'm working on though....both I purchased from the final Girls Day In the Country retreat in Nundle.  I never did get to go there (which I'd always promised myself I would) but I saw some kits were available from the weekend and decided I'd buy one, and I was not disappointed.

It was a wool applique and stitchery project on a piece of vintage quilt, nestled atop a chinese food steamer...a unique sewing box designed by Bonnie Sullivan and it's truly just gorgeous.  I've NEARLY finished it but not quite...just a tiny bit of embellishment to go.

BUT, I did have two finishes for OPAM from this project.....the two accompanying sewing kit necessities....a beautiful pumpkin pincushion, which is attached to the underside of the domed lid of the steamer.....

I've embellished mine with a gorgeous chiffony flower that my bestie Di gifted me.....and and cute printed needlebook with some wool felt, button and trim embellishments (also gifted) ....
I'm so happy with how these are turning out.  So that's two for OPAM for April....on track for at least one project a month!  Thanks Kris and're wonderful taskmasters!

xox Sugary hugs :o)