Wednesday 19 January 2022

Welcome to 2022 and our first FNSI

 Welcome to 2022 FNSI!  

I know the threats of Covid have not eased, in fact, with the Omicron variant the threats seem to have ramped up even more, particularly in our little town.  We had been pretty much isolated from Covid up until a couple of weeks ago and now we have 200 cases with 2 hospitalised and 1 in ICU.  Doesn't sound like much in comparison to where some of you live, but in a small town of about 15000 people where we have been untouched up until now, this is massive (and, I won't deny, just a bit scary!).

More changes for me too...I've left my job due to ongoing health issues and have been in a bit of a slump, something that I'd never even considered would be part and parcel with my resignation.  After a week and a half at home, I'm starting to find my feet again and I've managed to work on a couple of projects, finishing one of my Little Box of  Creativity kits from Kitty Rose Cottage and I'm currently working on finishing my Around the Garden quilt by Fee Fee and Me.

Sometimes, just the peaceful calm of stitching at home with friends online takes the pressure of the outside world off your shoulders, so FNSI is such a blessing for me and I hope, for you too.

Join with us this Friday night for our first Friday Night Sew In for the year.  Be inspired by other lovely stitchers from all corners of the globe and you never know, your name might just be drawn out to win a gorgeous prize from our sponsor, Kitty Rose Cottage.

Speaking of prizes, we have a winner from our December FNSI get together...... with 24 of us altogether (including Kitty Rose and myself, who don't count for the prize draw), it was a full wheel! 


I'm sure Kitty Rose (aka Dawn) has a fantastic prize picked out just for you!  Please send me an email with your postal address and we will get it off to you in the mail, pronto.

Meanwhile, get your projects organised for a Friday Night In , link in below, watch and be inspired on our Facebook group with your favourite beverage, nibblies and tv programs or movies and be prepared for some fun! 

Looking forward to a great 2022 with you all xox

Big sugary hugs :o)