Tuesday 20 November 2018

Our Second FNSI for November....sign up to join in

Yes, you read it right....we are having TWO Friday Night Sew Ins for November, for a few reasons....

1. it's a 5-Friday month and it was too long to wait
2. next month's will be the 21st and many will be too busy with Christmas preparations
3. if you're anything like me there are sooo many projects to catch up on before Christmas
 and 4.  because it's always fun to sew with friends!

After this one, there'll be a double prize draw for TWO lucky prize winners....one for someone from last week's friends and one for this week's.  .I'll find something just perfect!  So make sure you sign up below, no cost, no obligation, just fun to be had knowing you're spending your Friday night stitching it up with friends online together.

I didn't get much done last Friday night.....I worked all day and then had to prepare myself for work on Saturday.....I was knackered!  But I did get some stitching done.....

...more on my Fig'n Berry's "T'was the Night Before Christmas" blocks.  I'm up to block 8 so only one to go before I can piece it together.  I doubt it will see this Christmas' festivities but it's sure going to come close!

Mr B and I, along with Mrs B-in-law, had an 'engagement party' to go to on Sunday afternoon, down on the beautiful foreshore at Airlie Beach.  Turned out, it wasn't an engagement party at all, but a 'surprise' wedding (but we figured that out early on, thank goodness). 

Lucky the father of the groom let it slip a few months back so we were well prepared with gift in hand and accommodation booked ahead.  We were lucky to witness Mr B's cousin marry his beautiful fiancĂ©, but I'll leave the photos for later in the week.  Needless to say the weather was beautiful and we had a magnificent time.
Can you tell????   Can't wipe the smiles off our faces!

Don't forget, sign up below to be included in our FNSI and the prize draw.  Can't wait to 'double whammy' our Friday nights with stitching with my online friends!

xox sugary hugs :o)

Thursday 15 November 2018

Two FNSI for November before Christmas....sign ups open

Okay, I'm sorry!  I had planned that as this week is a 5-Friday month, I'd have FNSI next week and it's confused a number of people who have been asking me where the sign ups are, as THIS week is the actual third Friday week of the month.

I thought about it and it all became clear to me.....seeing as it's a five Friday month AND it's the last month before Christmas, we'll have TWO  FNSI's....one this week and one next for those that can make it at short notice!
  I'll pop the sign up links below and we'll have one next week as well.....with TWO lots of prizes (but I'll announce them both after next week's FNSI)

So, link up below and I'll see you tomorrow night for our first FNSI for the month! Yippeeeeeee~

xox Sugary hugs :0)