Tuesday, 15 June 2021

A quick FNSI sign up for June

 Just a quick sign up page tonight.  I've spent soooo much time this afternoon/evening trying to transfer videos and photos from my phone to my computer and it wasn't playing nice!

Needless to say I've caught up with drawing our winner for last month (sorry the number 56 must have a significantly negative effect on my memory!) and posted it on our FNSI Facebook group page. Congratulations to the lovely Fiona Robinson who scored our prize for May which was an EPP Mini Quilt Kit.  I'm sure she'll love it too. 

Thanks again to our wonderful sponsor Kitty Rose aka Dawn, for providing such wonderful prizes each month for a lucky winner.

If you haven't yet, pop on over to the cottage and see what new things she has there.  Mr Kitty Rose has been busy making these gorgeous spool holders to purchase and they even come in PINK!

Now, without further ado....here is the link up for this month's FNSI.  Lock it in, get your projects ready, organise nibblies and beverages and a good movie, podcast or audiobook and I'll see you there! xox

Big sugary hugs :o)

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

IT's a birthday FNSI

 It's time already, but this month it's special!  

This month is my birthday month so there will be extra goodies!    Not only will there be a prize for one lucky stitcher from our fabulous sponsor, 

.....there is a gift for EVERYONE!   I haven't been designing for quite a while but, as some of you know I have done some designing for some Australian Crafting Magazines in the past and am looking at beginning to design again.  Life took over for a while and it just got too hard to fit it all in.

So here's an oldie for you to say thank you for joining in each month and to let you know how special each and every one of you is....
just click on the image to download and print.

in the meantime, don't forget to link up to our Friday Night Sew In and join us for a night of stitchy fun this Friday night.   Look forward to seeing you there! x

Big sugary hugs xox :o)

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

April FNSI Results and Draw

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here with doctors, hospitals and resting at home.  I had another random collapse, knocking poor Mr B down in the process, and right in the middle of a restaurant!  (I never do things by halves!)  I've been having multiple tests, checks and appointments but to date, all seems ok.  
I just need to monitor my blood pressure and back to the doctor next week.  Hopefully we have some answers then.   

In the meantime, I was absolutely shattered on Friday night after a full day back at work so a glass of wine and sleep was my destiny.  I did manage to get a bit done over the weekend though, finishing a couple of "Around My Garden" blocks and the Ruler Bag by Kris Meares of Tag Along Teddies for the Girl's Stitch In 2021 so I counted these into my Friday Night finishes.....after all, it would have been Friday night somewhere in the world??!! 

I absolutely adore this pattern....isn't it gorgeous???
I hope you've had a chance to pop over to all the ladies who joined in on Friday night to see what beauties they created?  If not, just go to the links HERE and you can visit them all, along with heading over to the facebook group.  

I have had a little conversation with our sponsor over the weekend and she has been busy beavering away, cutting kits and getting orders organised but I know she's got something ready for our lucky winner this month...it just might be a bit of a surprise at the moment!  Regardless, I'm going to draw a lucky winner to receive said mystery prize and I just know Kitty will have something absolutely perfect for them.
If you haven't had a chance to visit Kitty Rose Cottage, I recommend you do.  This month's Little Box of Creativity, has a guest designer.....Lauren Wright from Mama and Me!!!!   Here's a sneak peak of what's in it..... don't you just love Tilda Woodland Hazel Grey with Pink spots? 

On to our prize draw.....  Good luck everybody.......

Congratulations to our Lucky winner!!!!!   I'll be passing your details on to Kitty Rose to organise getting your prize posted to you.    

Have a wonderful week...thanks for joining in on another awesome Sew In.   Hope you can join in with us next month!

Big Sugary Hugs :o) xox

PS:  Our winner from last month, Stitching Loving Nana hasn't come forward to claim her prize yet.   If it was you, can you please make contact so we can post it out to you?   xx

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

April's FNSI sign-up

 Now didn't that sneak up on us......it's Tuesday evening already and I just realised it's FNSI week!  

Time's just flown since last FNSI but I haven't been sitting on my hands though....

I've been working on my Girl's Stitch In 2021 projects....

a gorgeous table runner designed by Lauren Wright of Molly and Mama......

...and a 'Be Your Blooming Self' Bag designed by the lovely Kris Meares of Tag Along Teddies....

Both finished this week.   Finally starting to make some headway through my ever-mounting pile of projects.   I guess I'll be working on another one this Friday Night with you!  Not sure which one yet, but I'm sure it won't take long to find one!  

What will you be working on?  Join with us.  Sign up below, or if you're not a blogger, you can follow along on our facebook group page HERE    

 Everyone's welcome and we have such a great time with prizes just for joining in, from our wonderful sponsor Kitty Rose Cottage

I'm not sure what she has in mind this month, but whatever it is, I know it will be amazing!  Pop on over to Kitty's shop to see what she has in stock.....I bet you'll find a Tilda or three as well as some lovely EPP,  Lucy Boston Kits and lots of other goodies.  Drop by and tell her you found her at FNSI!

There's nothing left to do but sign up below and prepare yourself for a Friday night of stitching fun!

Can't wait to see what you have planned.  

Big sugary hugs xox :o)

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

A March Winner

Hi all,
thanks for joining in to our Friday Night Sew In get together last week....I love how social media has made it so easy for us to 'be' together whether we're in the same room, the same state, the same country or in a totally different time zone!      

Ten years ago or so, when I first began blogging and took that tentative step into the big unknown world, being able to 'meet' with others and talk to new people with similar interests was so liberating (and still is!) particularly if you're in a small country town, isolated from groups in the big cities.   Now with the added plus of  social media, it is far more 'instant' and it feels like  you're right there with each other, regardless of where you are!     I've met so many beautiful people who have now become close friends because of both blogging and social media and I feel just so blessed, thanks to you all!!  *mwah*
One of my very closest friends was my very first commenter on my blog and she has now become FNSI's major sponsor.....

Kitty Rose Cottage is a wonderful little online shop......Kitty Rose has a beautiful array of  Kits, Clubs, Stitch-A-Long Packs, Fabrics and Sewing Essentials that she uses and recommends herself. It is the home of the Little Box of Creativity, a monthly surprise ingredient box to make a lovely sewing item and is also a stockist for Tilda.   Check out these gorgeous little bunny purse frames she has.......

aren't they divine!!!!??? But you'll need to be quick.....these bunnies are hopping out the door! 

And don't think that because you live overseas you can't shop with Kitty....not only does she offer $7 Flat Rate Shipping within Australia (Tracked), she welcomes International Buyers and offers competitive International Postage Rates.

Kitty Rose (aka Dawn) is not only a creative and talented designer, she's a truly wonderful person with a heart of gold and will go out of her way to help you, so if you're looking for something special, just pop over to her shop and ask.   She'll be only too happy to help.
Have a look at what she's provided for this month's FNSI prize!

A beautiful English Paper Piecing mini quilt kit complete with pattern, epp shapes, tilda fabrics, background and threads.  I told you she is a generous, kind-hearted soul didn't I?   

Let's jump right in and see who our lucky winner this month is.   We had 33 lovely ladies join with us from all over the world so without further ado.....here we go........well, maybe not!  I've video-ed the draw but for some reason it won't upload and I have been trying for the past two hours!!!!  grrrr. 

It  worked perfectly last month so I don't know what the issue is!  All I know is, I'm not happy with it.
However, them's the breaks and the alternative is a photo of the draw!   So, who is our winner this month?????

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  make sure you drop us a line with your postal address and details and I'll let Kitty know so she can post your parcel off pronto!

Have a wonderful rest of the month.
Big sugary hugs xox :o)

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Friday Night Sew In sign-ups

 Good evening.....a little late for me but I thought I'd better get this post up and running....after all, it is Tuesday already!  Where do these days go?

I have been managing a little stitching, but not as much as I'd like as I have an avid little attention seeker who loves to sit on my lap or tap my foot with his paw to let me know it's play time! 

Max is 10 months old and, like any 10 month old, he's ready to play from 6am in the morning till bedtime! 

But I have managed to squeeze in a little stitching.....catching up on this....

and finishing my first block of this.....

and finally getting this together and binding it tonight.....

Don't worry.....I have plenty to do this Friday Night!  What about you?  Have you got your Friday Night Sew In project ready yet?   

Make sure you sign up below and block our Friday night on your calendar as it's set aside for you, me and all our wonderful friends around the world!  And follow along on the Facebook page too.

Check back to see what our lovely sponsor Kitty Rose from Kitty Rose Cottage is offering as a prize for this month......she's been rather caught up with packing kits these last couple of days, but I know it's on her agenda.  She has some lovely Tilda Garden Life on pre-order and the coordinating chambrays are to die for!

So what are we waiting for?   Sign ups below!  Have a fabulous week and see you on Friday! 

xox Sugary hugs :o)

Monday, 22 February 2021

Our February Winner, Compliments of Kitty Rose Cottage

I'm a little late drawing the winner today as I have been looking at and I'm in awe of all the beautiful work everyone has been posting, both here in Blogsville and in the FB world.  Having two areas now has certainly increased our numbers tenfold, but don't despair, bloggers are, and will always be, the foundation of FNSI and I love having you visit Sugarlane, (even though I've been a bit slack over the past couple of years with posting -apart from our monthly get-togethers).  

I've been getting quite a bit of email pleading with me not to change FNSI to a totally FB format, saying it would be tragic for FNSI to move away. You see,  I've been hosting FNSI since 2017 (I think?), and we've built up a loyal group, stitching together over the years via the Blog and I just love what we have so I want to cherish and encourage it.  Blogging will always stay as the main home of FNSI  with the additional holiday venue of FNSI.FB aka Friday Night Sew In FaceBook.  Everyone will be able to pop onto the blog and link up to read what other bloggers have been up to and comment but will not be 'forced' into becoming bloggers.   All the main stuff will go on in this blog and the Facebook page will be for all, showing the highlights of everyone's Friday night.  Here on the blog is where the draws will take place, then they'll be announced over on the FB page, signups will be here, and reminders on the FB page.....do you see what I'm saying?

So please understand, the blog will be the mainstay of FNSI and if you choose to blog, you know where to come and everyone is ALWAYS welcome, but if you're definitely not into blogging, that's ok too...you can get the highlights and still join in on FNSI.FB.   
Now, the prize this month provided by our lovely sponsor Kitty of Kitty Rose Cottage is just wonderful.

you can read all about it in the previous post HERE.

So let's see who our lucky winner is for February.......drumroll please........

Congratulations!!!!!   \o/ \o/ \o/ pop an email to me with your postal address and I'll have your prize sent to you direct from our fabulous sponsor, Kitty Rose from Kitty Rose Cottage.  A big thanks to Kitty! 

Have a fabulous week and big sugary hugs :o) xox

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

February's Friday Night Sew In Sign-Up with a New Sponsor!

 Last month I cheekily suggested someone might like to sponsor our FNSI to support our group with prizes and in turn, receive massive, massive thanks and some advertising.

Although I was hopeful, I really didn't expect any response as everyone is in the same boat with this dreaded Covid, locking people in and making purse strings tight everywhere.   BUT, I received a phone call from a very much loved and dear friend who suggested she might just be able to help.

Introducing our new sponsor, KITTY ROSE from KITTY ROSE COTTAGE.

Many of you who are Tilda lovers and are part of the Tilda Lover's Club on FB have visited Kitty online for your Tilda Fabrics, to top up your stash of gorgeous seam binding, or purchase other necessary stitching supplies.   

Kitty also co-designs for and manages the monthly Little Box of Creativity, Lucy Boston Kits,  EPP 12" Mini Quilt Club, the Scrappy Sisters Stitching Club and  Fee's Around my Garden BOM.  

  So you can understand how I'm quite proud and honoured to have Kitty want to sponsor our FNSI with a prize each month when she's such a busy person herself.  Just goes to show how big her heart is!

 Our FNSI Facebook page is growing daily too and you can post there if you like but don't worry, our major focus will be on our blogs so FNSI will always remain here in the Blogosphere.

If you're not sure what FNSI is all about, pop up to the FNSI tab and have a read.  It's as much fun as you can have in your jammies on a Friday night with friends from all over the globe!.

I can't wait for Friday and I look forward to stitching with you! (and remember....it's always Friday somewhere in the world!) *wink* 

Sugary Sweet hugs xox :o)