Monday 19 June 2017

June FNSI wins

 I've been winning this month with the things I accomplished during FNSI.  
I was able to spend Friday, all day, on my projects and my plan was to get as much of my Nikki Tervo "Plates" flimsy done.  
I DID get the top finished and I am liking how it's coming together. 
I moved onto a stitchery I've been working on - Simple Joys by Natalie Bird of The Birdhouse   Such a cute stitchery and I love the Theadora Cleave button too. 

By early evening, I took a break for dinner and enjoyed a little tipple of chocolate port...a very special gift from my brother and sister in I THAT easy to read? *cheeky grin* 
I finished off the night with a quick project - my Anni Downs/Hatched and Patched SEW Project Pouch   I had a kit for this and thought I'd get it started, not realising how super-fast this project really was!   Isn't the fabric adorable? 
I was sewing on the binding towards the latter end of the night, finishing it completely.  

It was a marathon FNSI for me and it felt like I just couldn't lose!  Everything was just going perfectly..... and I had a number of things I planned come to fruition.  This month I'm sure to see more than one OPAM finish which is a rarity for me!  How about you?  How did you go?  Have you had a chance to pop back to THIS last post to check what other FNSIers made?   There's loads of inspiration there amongst great friends.  

Having such a winning FNSI inspired this month's prize ..... 
....this wonderful book by Patrick Lose - a gifted and talented quilter who is definitely a winner in my books.  He may be Lose by name but never by nature!    So who is our winner this month you ask? 
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You are our lucky winner drawn out by Mr RNG this month. I hope you enjoy your prize! 

Xox sugary hugs :o)

Monday 12 June 2017

FNSI sign ups...where oh where does the time go???

This past month has just gone in a flash for me....I just don't know where it went!  I can say I've been working a little more and spending time with my in-laws and sitting stitching in front of the tv at night as it's been cooler, or snuggled up in bed but other than that, time seems to be zipping by.
I have managed a few things though....

So I guess I have been busy?

I am planning on finishing the borders on my Nikki Tervo "Plates" Quilt at FNSI this month.  What about you?  What will you plan to do?  Sign ups are below, so link in and join this Friday, the third Friday of the month with all of our online crafty friends.

xox Sugary hugs :o)