Sunday 6 December 2009

Star of Joseph

I have so many "wanna do's" on my list of "to do's" that I think I'll have to live till I'm at LEAST 200 to finish them soon as I finish one, a new one pops up on the end of the line...and sometimes, if it's a really pushy one, it might get to the front of the line....(how rude!!! lol)
So......I've made a pact with myself to finish as many of my UFO's and WIP's as I do start new projects...or even, just finish the oldies first!!!!  We'll see how I go, shall we??

Here's my first attempt at clearing the Star of Joseph....a bit appropriate seeing it's nearing Christmas.

This is a diamond log cabin pattern which I did at a Jan Phillip's weekend workshop held at our quilting guild earlier this year.  Of course, I didn't finish it in a weekend (I wish I was that good!!) but I got half done and have worked on it little by little.  It's been sitting in my cupboard for a couple of months, waiting for the 'right' backing fabric to come along.  As Saturday was our last meeting for the year, I felt the time had come to release this table topper from its (and my) misery and make it complete!!!!  You can probably see the pins in it ready for quilting which should be done in the next're all keeping me honest!!!!!

Why Star of Joseph you may ask???  Well, the star part's obvious (I hope!!) and as I made it for our dining room table which belonged to my husband (Joseph) before we were married, I thought it sorta fit quite nicely, don't you think???

The fabric is beautiful....I bought it with Tracy's help at Tinker's Cart in Townsville.  Not sure of the fabric names (you know what I'm long as it's good quality and looks good...what's in a name??? hehehe), but I think it does look stunning!  Can't wait to have this one sitting purty on my.....erhh...our table!!!!!

Today was a bit of escapism after a very busy term....hubby and I decided to go for a drive and planned to return to Bowen to visit some friends however, they were in Townsville visiting a sick relative in hospital, so we decided to keep on going!!!!....Off we headed to Airlie Beach.  It only took us about 2 and a half hours and is so beautiful, it's a lovely place to escape the 'everyday's'!  We had lunch at the Airlie Beach Hotel, a boutique hotel that makes the most exquisite wood-fired pizzas.....mmm mmmmm!  We had the specialty - a garlic base topped with tomato, salami, pepperoni, spinach, olives, jalepenos (hold them on my half....yuk!), mozzerella cheese and , of course there had to be anchovies!!!!!  Yummo...we scoffed the lot...I don't think we even left the crumbs!!!!!
Then we went for a walk around the shops and along the was such a beautiful day and the view was gorgeous...just like in a travel brochure. 

Now, you don't think I'd leave you out do you...what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't take my camera to take a photo to share with you????  Take a look at this view:

Isn't the water so blue and clear???  We are so lucky here in Australia to have some of the best beaches....(do I sound a little bit biased? ...oops! lol)

If you look a little closely in this next photo, you will see a cruise ship....wouldn't that be true escapism....setting off on the high seas to visit some exotic lands????.... [sigh!]  Maybe one day??

I've had a few comments about my new 'baby' too...thanks everyone...I do love her...she's a German beauty....and quite a few of you made comments about what I was actually thinking....(see, great minds DO think alike!!!) , that is, a name for my new gal.  I don't know why she's a she (no obvious features prove this) but I think I'm sick of being the only girl in the family so .... this car has no choice but to be the next girl!!!!!

   Very soon I will be having a competition to find the perfect name for my little Deutsch beauty !!!  Just need to find the right thinking caps on....I will announce this one later this week!

Off now to the blanket show.....nighty nights and sugary sweet dreams!
XX Wendy :O)


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thanks for sharing the beach photos - they make me sigh with delight!

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Airlie Beach looks divine! What a lovely sounding day!
Good luck clearing the backlog - I think we are all the same that way!

Kerry said...

Your Joseph's Star looks beautiful, and very appropriately named too. And your day away, sounds and looks perfect!

Jude said...

Yes we are lucky to have beautiful beaches I just wish there wasn`t so much sand. Good luck on finishing those UFOs. My friend and I had a pact this year, we could do something new and then we had to finish a UFO before we could start something new. It worked quite well untill we had to start sewing for Xmas and now no time for anything else.