Wednesday, 2 February 2011

It has begun….

Thank you to all who have emailed me with support, prayers and wishes… can’t imagine how much it means to us. We are south of the destructive winds however, only just!….Townsville, which is 45 minutes north of us is on the borderline between where the destructive winds finish and the gales winds begin…..we’re expecting storm surges of up to 4 metres at this stage and flooding rains……am praying that it doesn’t change direction and move further south-west by even a degree or two, but am devastated to think of the damage that will be caused north of us, at the same time. The winds began about 7am this morning and are progressively getting stronger.  I went to town this morning to pick up some parcels from the post office I hadn’t been able to get to, and they were closed!  I guess they’ll be safer there anyway!  The supermarket manager told me not to bother getting out of my car, they closed at 9am….it was 9.01!!!  Getting onto the highway from our road was like driving through the middle of Sydney….traffic was chaos…everywhere was closing and people were panic buying……line-ups at the petrol station were down the street! The rains have just begun… is what it looks like out of my sewing room window….
Yasi is knocking on our door…
For those north of us, I’m sure you’ve all battened down…..take care…..our prayers are with you. Sugary hugs Wendy XXX


Joy said...

Still praying for you all Wendy ... hang on!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy xxxx

tich said...

I was thinking of you all yesterday, as we kept on seeing video clips of the storm. I know the worst is probably yet to come, but we are sending a prayer, that all will go well for you. All the best.

Quiltingranny said...

Still praying my friend. In 2007 we were hit with what they are finally saying was a Hurricane, had I known, I wouldn't have gone has taught me to be prepared, but not panic!