Tuesday, 29 March 2011


  Just a quickie….. I’m off to hospital today for my knee replacement surgery which happens early tomorrow morning……so here’s some befores of my “loverly'” knee….. (notice the ‘interesting’ angle in the first pic and no, only SOME of it is fat…..there is a lot of swelling!! LOL) 001 002 003 004 005 and when I come back, I’ll post my ‘new’ one!!! So if you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks….you’ll know why…..not disappearing….just being waited on hand and foot!!!!  LOL I must post a piccie I have of a gorgeous quilt Chris sent to a young family in Ingham as part of the Quilts for Flood And Cyclone victims, once I get it off my phone.  It is the most gorgeous quilt that Chris quilted and the couple were absolutely ‘stoked’ that others were thinking of them in their time of need!….Even so, they said there were more people in greater need……I happen to know they were without quite a lot for the past couple of months and have done it tough!   Go the good Aussie spirit!  Quilters are such wonderful people! Anyways, must go pack…..roads are flooding so have to get going!Please keep me in your prayers! sugary hugs…. Wendy :0)


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Oh honey! Good luck. If it hurts please lie as I have to have BOTH knees done some point soon and I am really not a wimp but I am so not looking forward to it! i am sure you will do well and I will be looking for the after photos!
P.S. when you get back do you want some more quilts ofr Queensland?

Christine said...

Good luck with your knee surgery and glad the quilt got there ok, Wendy I did not quilt this one, I only had to do the binding on this and find someone to love it.
It was donated by Ann already quilted.

teresa said...

All the best Wendy. I hope the surgery goes well and you are back on your feet very soon. Will be thinking of you xx

Marilyn said...

Hoping the surgery goes well, the recovery is quicker than expected, and that you will be the owner of a beautiful new knee (sort of new) that works wonderfully.

Joy said...

Good luck sweet Wendy B!!!! I'll be thinking of ya, and sending great big 'sugary' hugs to you too!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o) *mwah*

Sew Useful Designs said...

All the best sweet Wendy!

Thinking of you sweetheart!
Loadsa love honey xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vikki xoxoxoxoxo

Sue said...

OMG!! Your poor knee, it looks so bad, even before your surgery! What is the big long scar from? Have you had to have surgery on it before? I can really sympathise with you, as I had a uni-lateral knee replacement on June 4th last year, and cut a long story short, it has not worked, so I have to go in for another knee replacement on May 31st, this time the full prothsesis (which is what I wanted the first time!)....so you will be a bit further along than me. Keep in touch, and we can "jolly" each other along! Hugs n Blessings from Sue of country-blossoms.blogspot.com or suzieq941@hotmail.com

Quiltingranny said...

Wishing you love and sugary hugs and kisses. Take care and be taken care of. Praying for a great report!