Friday 17 June 2011

When the going gets tough….

  A visit to the specialist yesterday revealed that healing is only about halfway there……I need another 6-12 weeks before I can go back to work……good in some respects but……. So today I was feeling a bit ‘blah’…sad and sorry for myself…no inspiration….. …and then I checked my emails…..and a good friend sent me this video….
  Watch it……it’s sure to inspire and maybe even bring a tear to your eye but, I certainly don’t feel sorry for myself any more!  And I’m well and truly counting my blessings to have what I have. Now……I’m inspired to go off to pack my quilting gear up for a weekend of UFO busting ready for our biennial Quilt Show in July! Hope it inspires you to achieve all that you wish for too! Sugary Hugs Wendy :0)


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Hi Wendy,
I have seen this amazing guy on TV before, no wonder you were inspired. Hang in there - a few more weeks is not that long - and at least you can still quilt right? All the best

Maria said...

Oh Wendy What absolutely wonderful young man and father.
What a terrific clip to watch.
No I have NOTHING to complain about.

Jessica said...

They must be missing you at school, more sewing time for you though!
I am going on my first quilting retreat tomorrow, also my first night away from the boys. I am looking forward to the break, even if it is only for one night!

~Niki~ said...

I hear what you are saying, however I recently joined a group counseling/class called 'empowerment', which deals with codependency. Anywho, one of the topics this week was 'validation'. When we have pain or want to vent about something, we need to be heard and validated. You are allowed to feel what you are feeling and not feel guilty about that. I have said stuff like this to my mom before (she is toxic, btw) such as 'my hip is hurting os bad'. Her response is ALWAYS something like "well yoou know the guy next door has spine cancer' As if to say my feelings are not valid. no matter how small, we all need to be heard. It's OK. It makes sense, and I never thought of that before. I always told myself, like you did in your post 'now i don't feel so bad because i know others have it worse'. Just a thought. Big hugs~ you are allowed to FEEL :)
I hope this helped some.

Quiltingranny said...

Yeah, what Niki said! You know Wendy I can understand your frustration. I had my back surgery 6/2009 and was supposed to return to work in 9/2009 and then the awful happened and I found myself back in the hospital one month to the day of the first surgery having a second and it set me back through November. Sometimes we are given a healing time, a time to rest. Take the time to allow your body to heal properly! It isn't always easy, but you will be blessed in the long run! Praying for you my dear friend!

Allie said...

Wow. Yep, no feeling sorry here either - what an inspiration that young man is. And look Wendy, you're halfway there, yay!

Karen said...

At my last job I worked with a guy that is a type 1 diabetic and just turned 70. He has lost both of his legs, his body is very stiff, and his fingers are all gimped up. On a weekly basis he goes to a masage therapist to help loosen up his body.
He has a motorized wheel chair and gets around fine. He types holding a pen and picking out the letters.
When I am not feeling perky, or just physically hirting I think of him and remember that my ailments are not even worth commenting on.
I think it is important to meet people like my co-worker, they keep a person grounded.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Very inspirational. I hope your healing from now on will be swift and everyone is allowed to have a moment or two. You sound as if you are a glass half full type of girl.
Blessings & Healing,
Michelle xx