Thursday, 11 August 2011

Have I got enough????

I hate packing at the best of times but I’m terrified I’ve forgotten something for our retreat this weekend at Camp Kanga, just outside of Proserpine. What do you think?….. 019 the essentials….. 020 chocolate, coffee and wine (and the panadol!!!)…. 022 the tablet, to touch base with you (if I can even stop sewing for a minute over the weekend!)… .023 the projects to work on…..secret squirrel…..I’ll have to show you once they’ve been started/finished/both of the above!!!…… 024 TWO sewing machines….one for me, one for a friend….. …..and perhaps I’d better include the camera, batteries and some warm snuggly clothes (with ugg boots too)….they say it gets cold out there!!!!.  Must get a pillow, my bathroom essentials and my sleeping bag.  Can you think of anything I’ve missed???? We’re leaving at 9am in the morning for our 2 hour jaunt south…..4 of us in one car…..I’m soooo excited….and if you hear a low rumble, it’s probably us, the groan of the poor car under the weight of all our gear for 3 days!!!! Hope you’ve got a fun weekend planned too! Sugary hugs Wendy :O)


Jean said...

Oh my, so much and so much fun! Have a blast Wendy and enjoy a glass of wine for me!

Dawn said...

Oh have a brilliant time Wendy, it will be amazing..sewing all day with wine and chocolate in hand.... finish, finish, finish is the motto...LOL.... and don't forget the heat bag..sewing can be straining on the rear if you sit all day...LOl
Take care...Have fun... Laugh lots
Hugs Dawn x x x

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh I do love a retreat. Lucky girl! I love your essentials....have a great time. Don't forget your camera!