Thursday 24 May 2012

F.N.S.I. and some……

Well, my FNSI didn’t go as planned!!!!

Firstly, I didn’t have the canvas to stretch my stitchery over….diddlepot me, forgot to buy one……so it’s still awaiting its fate…..

050 (Medium)

BUT……I did manage to get a little done on my Baguette bag though….

051 (Medium)052 (Medium)053 (Medium)054 (Medium)

It IS getting there……now only the lining and the handles to go! So some progress is being made….finally…….and that will mean a long term UFO is out of the pile!!!!   YAY!!!


On the weekend, we had a wonderful lady from Mackay come a tutor us for the weekend…she was A-MAY-ZING!    We learnt how to design and gather design inspiration, then use different techniques to create our design and we learnt so much about what our machines could do!!!!

006 (Medium)029 (Medium)031 (Medium)032 (Medium)033 (Medium)034 (Medium)037 (Medium)038 (Medium)

It was such a fun weekend.  I’ve never considered myself into art quilting, but boy, did I learn a thing or two….not that I’d change my style much,I’m still a stitchery gal,  but I now am looking at some techniques quite differently!!!   The most reluctant in our group were even free motion quilting with ease by the end of the two days……. Sue was really, really good to work with and easy to understand, so if your group is looking for a tutor, just email me and I’ll pass on her details!  I can recommend her highly!

001 (Medium)                             Sue, our tutor

Me with my design……taken from three lines and a leaf I got from a coffee cup, believe it or not!!!!! 030 (Medium)

055 (Medium)embellished with scrap threads, and beading…..such fun!056 (Medium)

I’m going to work my design into a  cover for a folder to hold all my machine stitch samples in….something I’d always planned to do…….ONE day!!!!! LOL


This week has been making curtains for our local Respite Centre as a donation from our  Guild…..

What a mess we make…..

044 (Medium)

But what beautiful fabric to work with…..

045 (Medium)

and we added our own ‘spin’…..

046 (Medium)047 (Medium)

A bit different to quilting, but we just had to add our own quilting style!!!!   Don’t ya just love ‘them dots’???

Off to sew some more curtains…….two down……eight to go!!!!

Sugary hugs  :O)



Fiona said...

Hi Wendy... you have been busy... I love it all... the art stitching looks amazing fun... and I love your baguette bag....and the curtains... now off to the shops to get your canvas... isn't it so annoying when you haven't got everything at your fingertips!!!

Marilyn said...

What a busy girl !!! Your baguette bag is looking amazing. The tutor sounds wonderful and your art stitching works a treat. Curtains - wow good for you. They are always so much more work than you think. But yours look like they are going to be so beautiful with their added touches.

Margaret said...

Your art stitchery from a tea cup and a leaf is bewildering, I suppose it is being in the right place at the right time and taking notice. Every step in producing something you self is so worthwhile. Love the curtains to.

Mrs A said...

Wow that all looks like fun! I love your stitchery and beading, its beautiful, well done!