Monday 27 August 2012

Mrs Procrastinator, I will not be!


All I’ve had to do was to sew the border fabric on and staple it to the canvas and prepare it for hanging……do you think I could manage that earlier than now????…….

040 (Medium)

Took me all of an hour to finish it off…..I don’t know why I put things off so much!

039 (Medium)

And it really wasn’t an effort to get my Rosalie Quinlan designed ‘Hope Love and Friendship’ stitchery to the finished stage!

038 (Medium)

I AM going to have to change my name from Mrs Procrastinator to something more promising…….any ideas???…..Mrs Get-Off-Your-Backside, or Mrs Ditherer-No-More….???

However, now I’ve gone back to link the site where I bought the kit, so you can go and buy your own, I find that it’s 20% off…….

…..Now I know why I procrastinate!!!!  hahaha

But don’t you dither or procrastinate, or you’ll miss out……you can get your kit HERE, where I did, with pink linen, which is absolutely beautiful to stitch on, and pink variegated thread.  And even better still, 50c will be donated to Breast Cancer charities for every sale  (no, I’m not getting commission…..I just love this one so much and think it’s soooo worthwhile !)

….and hopefully I’ll be able to live up to my ‘new’ title/s!?!

Sugary sweet cotton candy pink hugs xox :O)




Fiona said...

lovely finish Wendy....

Anonymous said...

gorgeous finish Wendy,thankyou for the link.xx

Mrs A said...

lovely work, well done! I've got a link for a give away in case you are interested :) Hope you can join in!

Tudy said...

Very nice.

Joy said...

Wendy I'm doing Rosalie's Christmas wreath at the moment and I'm loving it. Yours looks so pretty now that it's done... Beautiful :o)
Joy xx

Jeanette said...

Beautiful Wendy. I'm just about to start another of Rosalie's designs. An Xmas one this time.Hugs,

Anthea said...

Wendy this post is a beauty, both for your humour & and for the lovely completed design! Well Done, but you know you can't go getting all conscientious on us now, you are not the only ditherer you know, LOL:)I bought this kit recently also on the pink linen & will start when I have finished my Wreath.

Allie said...

Oh Wendy that is so, so pretty! Well done, sweetie!